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Mid day just got a couple minutes left here but P. ten thirty blocks no gas all calls so seven four nine seven thousand one eight hundred the big one I want to hear what you have to say but before we do that I wanted to say one of the great things about working at the big one is in a lot of free food and good food well today I want to thank silver glade's silver clay age Dally downtown I frequent the one at eight and sycamore matter fact it's in the same building where I happen to live but they also have a location at Findlay market they brought this morning deli sandwiches they have soups they have hot meals and here's the thing and yes I guess this is a shameful plug for them but they did bring us food but it's a little bit more than that these downtown restaurants in again I live downtown not only silver glaze but all of them they are getting killed it is tough for them the boy they are performing a service and I'm not just saying that they really are they're still open and that's the important thing they're still open for Kerry out silver blades is and all the rest of them downtown and everywhere else and they're staying open really at a loss I think what we have to see we did not just downtown but everywhere we have to patronize those businesses because they are getting killed and unfortunately there's no relief in sight I don't think I suppose what the president signed last night well we'll help those places in some way but what they need is customers and again as a downtown resident I just wanted to let people know that these restaurants silver blades included eighteen sycamore I wear the renaissance says they're open their open for Kerry out and they want your business and I think you really do need to patronize these locations if you care okay so much for that but I do feel strongly about it and I'll tell you what living downtown it is really it's Yuri and it's weird to look out your window on a on a work day you know ten o'clock nine o'clock in the morning I've been working at from home a couple times this week and see nothing I mean there's a few cars out but not many I mean I think people are paying attention to accept the course for the abortion mills businesses are complying with the governor's order anyway we gotta take a break from the news but again when we get back your calls Mike Allen Saturday midday traffic and weather radio seven hundred W. L. W. Cincinnati another surgeon cases of covert nineteen in Indiana with the ten thirty reporter Brian combs breaking now and the end of the part of the health this morning announcing that two hundred ninety additional Hoosiers diagnosed with covert nineteen through testing that has been done by the state the centers for disease control and private labs brings over twelve hundred now the total number of people in the state of Indiana will have the corona virus following corrections to the previous day's total thirty one Hoosiers have died seven more overnight Hey even though it's very nice outside today the governors of Kentucky and Ohio taking steps to keep people from gathering in large groups I have asked our county judges and mayors to close any public playground or any basketball courts or anything like that where people have shown that they cannot engage in social distancing or whether they refuse to to ultimately spread out to to exercise but on their own or with their families that's governor of Kentucky in Covington cruiser taking down the rams for the basketball courts in Cincinnati police shut down the even part overlook to vehicular traffic will be getting new updates today from the governors of Ohio and Kentucky and.

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