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Guess and so she had many girls come and live with her and the joke was if you wanna get married you move on the liens house and then you'll be guy and then you'll get married so my mom wants suggested that i move in to her house right. It happened a lot. I told mom i was like. That's a little rude. She's ready shoes. I never lived with you but spent a lot time with at home. Yes while we are here today because Advent season is coming and we are both big fans of christmas and one of the things that we in the fact that we both feel called to discipleship the place where both of us have the blessing of of enacting. Our passion for discipleship is in our home. And i think we've really talked on the podcast quite a bit about discipleship in the home. Disabling our children and what that looks like. Well i think advent is a great time to put this in a play. And i also believe that if you don't have a regular bible reading time as a family a family prayer time whatever it might be. Advent is a perfect time to start that. Because it's twenty five days that you're committing to and you're not even gonna go go into it alone and unsure. Our goal tonight is to hopefully send you away with several ideas of possibilities for you and your family to us Programs some that are like totally set up and you don't have to do anything except open. The book can do what it says and then for those of you that are planners and you like arts and crafts and being creative with got something for you to so whatever your specialties are whatever your gifts are we've got something that can help you engage your family in remembering that. The purpose of christmas is the christ child. The reason that we celebrate. Christmas is that is the time when christ came was born so that he could die for our since. Then yeah so we have here. The advent wreath. And you're going to be seeing this quite a bit. We're talk about that in just a second before. I do leeann. Can you tell me. Did you grow up with advent or was this something you picked up later on in life. You know i did. We went to a really traditional church. When i was growing up and so the advent wreath was something. We're really familiar with. We did it at church. We would make little craft like plato versions of it that we take home with like birthday candles stuck in off and so we would do it at home. They sent home all the readings. And so we would do it together as a family at home and then We did the classic paper chain. Which i'm going to about a little bit later Is one where you you linked chains and then you tariff one each day as a way to count down until christmas day so i'm just little kid kind of visual things but it didn't really go much beyond that it was mostly based at church and then we do a few things here there but that was that was really all we did as family see. My parents kept christ definitely at the center of christmas. we still got gifts from santa and We still participated in other cultural traditions. So please understand that that anything that we're suggesting we're not saying that you must step away from cultural traditions. I think they can go hand in hand. That's what i that's what we do in our home. That's what my parents did with us. But they we always do. We'd hear the word advent at church on sundays so we would light a candle each sunday and then in the home we had a just a calendar..

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