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Now this is since Nancy Huggins can't be here. Bill Huggins is goingto Be taking her spot. But this item was like, seven years ago that it's sold in the auction. So this makes it This is going to be tough for anyone to know who which one did What? Second item. Rocky Marciano, Joe Louis dual sign close card, and it's made out to I don't even know I can't read my own writing. What the name It's It is personalised to somebody a picture. It's the picture on the front of the post card is inside a restaurant. Okay. The third item. Mel Allen, the old announcer Mel Allen. How about that guy? I think he usedto do the voice over for this week in baseball in the old days at melanoma and lot of 20 sign cheques. How about that? And the last item Stan Lee 1998 skybox The summer age. Signed sketch a graph car, so this is quite the variety of items here and John Drummond. I need it off. Is that correct? Yeah, You can lead off this evil leadoff man today. By the way, I should have mentioned their own's. Incidentally to some of our younger viewers. Listeners probably may recall into 2016. They came out with a movie called Race about Jesse Owens had a full length movie there eventually came out to about him, so he's not It wasn't very total speak. So about people. Younger people should remember that from the film but going on like how to do it. You guys I know went on this one. I'm going to be ended. Almost got so Louis. That's that's pretty hard. That's hard to beat. I don't care what you're gonna pull out of your hands. I gotto okay. I'm starting to feel intimidated by my Lord area called. He's not called Bulldog feel the boulder. I think the bulldog I just saw a squirrel in the least, but he wants to chase after okay. And Eric, you're next. Um I really like the Marciano and Joe Louis. But I'm going to go with the Jesse Owens. Historically, I hope that that is what Mexico higher. All right, And next is Bill Huggins for Nancy. Uh, Stanley Stanley. All right, And that leaves one for Vince. Come any who is watched his way into first place. And if I choose something that somebody already has chosen, I lose a point. If it's incorrect, Yes. If it's right, you get the plus. Yes. I think this isn't your knuckleball time. I think it's more of a screwball. Well, that's every week. You know what if I'm going to go down with somebody or go for the victory I'm going with. I'm going with John on this one. Iraqi Marciano, Joe Louis. Okay, well, A little bit of a time lapse here is we let people think number four Is The melon. Lot of 20 sign checks $550 number three The Rocky Mercy was wrong there, Jonah to uncover knuckles, baby. Those are being bald. What's coming? I don't think I really have to get security to keep John out the second best item. Stanley 1998, Skybox, 825 and the best item Erik moves up, lad with the sixth or five tickets and the signed photo with the saxophone, So no, it's Vince first. With fix. Nancy's got five. Eric for the former first place. John Drummond is now last with you. Don't I get some peace? Half a point or something? At least Jesse Owens is a profile today. I think you get a hearty handshake and a pat on the back for that, and we do have security of teeth crowned..

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