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It might be a little obviously, Anthony Davis is a great player, but I think it's funny. He's fresh couple days off, and all of a sudden you get those legs back under you, Anthony Davis, playing with a lot of renewed energy, if you will test it Austin down three. Marcus Smart with it passes to jail in Brown on top for three. It's good 13 for Jalen Brown and we are tied at 47. I know it's early and I know they're not first place in the East, but Jalen Brown. Better be an All Star this year with nearly an all Star a year ago, said to run a nine straight 20 point games. And he's on his way here today. First, Anthony Davis free throw line spin faded contestant shot is good 16 for a day. He got into Robert Williams and then not that he needs to do it. But he steps back yet. No chance to contest and Anthony Davis step back right in front of the free throw line. Lakers by 21 10 to go Celtics ball tie straddling the three point line and a whistle. As he was passing the ball to the corner to Jason Tatum. He got pushed and knocked down and it's a Laker foul with 108 left, and they're not over the limit. That's the third team foul. So Tatum will inbound for Boston. There's K dubs. Point says they're letting him play shrewder his first foul inbound. The Brown drives down the lane. Great Pastor Robert Williams right of the cup, lays it in game tied at 49. That's where jail and Brown is most improved. His passing is the best it's ever been first time he's ever been over three assists, is almost doubling his assist compared to earlier in his career. Casey Peel wide Open three for the Lakers missed out on the right corner and Boston a chance to take a lead here with 40. Seconds to go in the half. They were down 10. Earlier in the second quarter. And a chance for a two for one if they wanted. Straddling the three point line is Jason Tatum back to the basket against Schroeder gets to the elbow fading shot from the left. Not there. Long rebound. Lakers have it not a second difference. 24 seconds to go in the half past for 80 got tapped out of bounds on the near side. By the.

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