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Cat when you were adopting your first child because money was involved in that process did you feel comfortable talking to christine about that i think that it was we talked about it but it wasn't within the context of how much money at costs for you curious christine how much money cost um you know i would assume dupraz you know fifteen twenty thousand dollars at least just from other things that i've seen online because my husband and i when we were talking about the idea of you know if we can't have kids naturally what would it take for us to adopt um so i had a ballpark idea in cat was at about rain mm that ended up being thirty then like cap to be in your position of going through the painful experience of losing a pregnancy and so wanting to become apparent and also knowing that your best friend is has struggled as well just how to to how did you think about that and how did you think about how that related to the kinds of resources you had access to i have thought about it a lot like i because my husband and i also take us a while to get pregnant that initial pregnancy liked whilst three years i guess so rates are three years in a row now doesn't seem like that long but at the time seemed interminable right in all the like getting invited to the baby showers and everyone everywhere you turn someone gets knocked up and that kind of thing and we've got isn't that occurred.

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