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Hang out with that. He's so moody the home of what he's going to fix this. I'm GONNA fix yeah. Yeah he's really depressed. I'm fixing I. I thought that this question is a challenge. It's like which story would it really help to fix the story and so I really feel I could inhabit affiliate and make it come out better. I'm so much more reasonable. The ball and kind of balance than she is. I mean I don't WanNa be affiliate in the book and then I was thinking about lady Macbeth character. You can really really goes somewhere. Thanks so much that her if these producer do laundry with her but damn spun you would that be a good play at the end you know. He's just like Oh yeah look Mary. The premise of the question which real series. It's not like if we get to hijack the premise of the question. I'm going to approach this evening. Differently John Would you switch places you know. Wait you switch places with our hang out with Swat you. You get to be the main character. Oh Oh 'cause I hang out with would be Ford prefect effect. Because now he always knew whereas towel was two people got that reference. No no nick I would. I would like to be Nick Charles in the thin man because he could disarm a man of his revolver and never spill his Martini not eating. That's good David. I think I've always had a crush on Lizzie Bennet from pride and prejudice. So I think ah I would like to be Mr Darcy because I would be rich and a great at the girl it had kimberly.

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