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Deliver a two hundred seventy thousand signature petition to the company demanding a cut ties with ice however she says they were told the offices were on lockdown therefore security guards dishonest to leave they went in there was no one remembers on who is leading us talk to them and they were people from Amazon I mean an hour so it's pretty clear they weren't they were not letting us come inside now what are those ties to ice activists contend says they're a matter of technology Amazon sells Amazon web services Amazon sells facial recognition technology and these are the technology that is the backbone for ice to be able to store data target people and then detain and deport them KCBS reached out to Amazon for comment but hasn't heard back however the company has said that government agencies need to use existing technology responsibly and that the government needs to provide more clarity on what appropriate uses of such technology are in San Francisco Melissa call Ross KCBS a cyclist was killed and another cycle of suffered major injuries following a crash involving an S. U. V. in east San Jose this morning police officer Gina T. portent says the crash took place near Vista park drive in capitol expressway shortly before seven forty five AM officers responded to a vehicle accident involving two bicyclists than what we've learned is when officers arrived on scene there were two bicyclists in the roadway they have they were transported to a local hospital where unfortunately one of them has died from their injuries to portent says the driver remained on scene and is cooperating with the investigation alcohol or drugs do not appear to be a factor authorities said the incident is the twenty six fatal collision that occurred in San Jose this year perhaps you felt it a small earthquake in the South Bay this afternoon KCBS reporter Bob other says scientists do not believe that this is related to the series of quakes last week and request the quake hit about one forty five between San Jose in Morgan hill magnitude three point three Mike till still was sitting at his desk it was a very very very short jolt but it was you know felt fairly strong when I looked it up we're not very far from the epicenter Jessica Turner with the US Geological Survey says the been no reports of damage or injury but she understands people are nervous at what happened last week down south probably not and aftershocks of those earthquake that occurred in the India was the ridge crest area this is three four three a small but it should be a reminder we can't predict if there's going to be a larger earthquake coming in the next few minutes to the next days the next year so we want people to create be prepared for them in San Francisco by Butler key CBS a federal judge in San Francisco is reduced a historic eighty million dollar award levied against Monsanto US district judge venture Habra today reduced the award a cinema county man who claimed the Monsanto's roundup weed killer caused his non Hodgkin's lymphoma to twenty five million dollars the judge upheld compensatory damages to seventy year old Edwin Hartman of Santa Rosa but said the guidelines in a twenty thirteen Supreme Court decision required him to reduce the jury seventy five million dollars in punitive damages to twenty million dollars Hartman's case was the first to go to trial of more than a thousand federal lawsuits against Monsanto nationwide KCBS news time for thirteen the giants red hot right now wait till you hear the score in Colorado that none of our sports.

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