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Do you have five? Wow. Long Beach rita's Tustin riverside, El Segundo, just about a few months ago. What's what's the signature dish? So we actually have a few one like one of the most senior our signature dishes are are butternut kale salad, but an kale salad. Yeah. It's fantastic are lobster and our new lobster and shrimp role. We've probably sold a trillion of them. So that one's pretty much go to and our smoked fish tacos. Unique all that's good. How do you prepare prepare the kale in the salad? Oh, it takes a little bit of a process. We I break it down take it off the stemming massage it with a little bit of salt a little bit of oil and saw helps break down that chlorophyll taste. And after that, we make a roasted garlic and red wine vinegar roast off the butternut squash with some pepitas some fresh shaved parmesan cheese. Really simple ingredient driven pretty good. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. In the preparation of kale is important. It is even if it's been cut it can help with that process. Otherwise, it's a little scale little alien skinny it can be. Yeah. That's I think where you just kind of the massaging is a very important part of it. Because a lot of people just forego that you'll see that in a lot of places where you just have just okay, great, raw cut kale, and it doesn't really give the chance to break down because it is a tough. It can be like you said scaly, it's a tough tough lettuce leaf. So that's that's a very important part a little bit of oil for the lubricate little salt to help kind of. Of of Leach out some of that Clearfield taste and really then makes a little more gentler. You get the soft slightly fatness of the butternut squash. Nice. Absolutely. Wow. That sounds really good whole the the those three things that you listed sound lovely or any of these on the list for for dine out Long Beach. Yeah. We kind of probably most dude like a two two course. And do a little sad like a salad and sandwich with lobster. Roll know, maybe you can choose from the kale salad or do a soup and sandwich. So we also have our clam chowder. So you know, you could probably choose one of the two, and we haven't completely confirmed it up, but most likely I give out of ninety five per cent. That's what will be your hands involved in all locations, or are they franchised, another all there's no franchising. So. Yeah, you got it. Wow. You you you? It's a touch point for all of them for your absolutely you'll see one. You see you go to one you'll get them at all. So good for you. Yeah. We've got a great team. So I mean, it's not just me. We've got a wonderful team of of crew of managers of other guys that are chefs, and we all kind of get inside of it. And and make sure it works and work with our guests as a chef y seafood. Us my background, I've sailed to Australia a few times. So I mean, the ocean is I I worked in in lived in Hawaii. I'm an avid ocean. Man. I'm a fisherman. You know, my partners are fishermen. So I mean, the ocean is just kind of what we just our ethos. So I mean seafood is just is where where where it is. That's where the heart is. What's a seafood ingredient that excites you oh? All of it. I mean what seafood? Ingredient doesn't excite me. I mean, if you would ask me once I can do without you sell. So maybe sea salt that's not a secret ingredient. But I know it's a kind of obscure one. It's all good. That's a tough one. That's too tough to answer. Did you is there any changes in seafood going on or a certain fishes that are more accessible now than they were before the next two hours down conversation? Of course, there's tons of changes. I think there's a lot of changes in the industry as far sustainability is concerned, you know, the I think there's a lot of of changing the perceptions of of of aquaculture and best practices and how good wild is knowing where you're where you're where you're wild product comes from. So there's a lot of discussion points on that. You know, what's really fresh? You may have a wild fresh cotton. And that's what people think is like the gold standard. But when it comes to really talking about what's fresh, and a histamine level thing, you might be better off getting really responsibly raised for a former as aquaculture product, it's done in the proper vertical integration scenario. There's there's like unlike anything you've got you've got, you know, Cadillacs and Pinto's the entire industry. But I think that's maybe I'm hoping to see that's where the industry has changed a little more education about what's what's what's sustainable. What's not? Yeah. That's a big topic here because changed here even on the on the program. Yeah. Folks about that. Yeah. We come back. Any distributor self of your expertise. And the fact that you can get excessive ability to anything you want. And I want to ask you about where your average Joe perfect guy had on just your regular guy hat. Yeah. So we'll talk about that. We come back. We'll talk about how to pick out. Good fish for home. Good and stuff like that. Absolutely back. The fork report, I'm Neil surveyed KFI AM, six forty. We're talking about the third annual dine out Long Beach coming to Long Beach, February twenty fifth through March third peer Seventy-six fish grill owner and chef Christopher. When we return so go nowhere. Let's get the latest news now with Larry parole. The KFI.

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