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Decade now they've been trying to raise money for it Of late on social media the New York Times and some others on Twitter, have started to champion the cause of there being a need. For, ninety wells monument in Brownsville in Chicago and it looks like they've got the money to. Do this now this thing will happen about that But I to be well, his name, is in the news for another reason passing committee today in Chicago and the Chicago city. Council this is not, an ordinance it's not the law not going to happen yet it's got to get out of committee and it did and a committee, in Chicago city council said you know we ought to do. Is, change the name of congress Parkway Major thoroughfares downtown by lake to either be well right because who's less popular than Balbo it, would be, the congress I thought that was my joke oh I'm sorry But this is how tortured. This is so belbow. Is a guy that is now out of favor in. Some mines so there? Is the movement to say okay we gotta get Bob awhile. There he was a. Fascist he was on the, wrong side of World War Two. What are we doing honoring Balbo with the name Balbo on one of our streets so out goes Balbo but the. Italian American said we don't want to do that but, now there was already the movement. To take Balboa's name off the street signs and put IT wells on there but the Italians, in Chicago fought back so they went. They get to keep the Balbo but now what about the idea of either be wells replacing bobble I know as Steve said who's even less popular than Balbo congress, so we'll take the congress Parkway and changed the name of that to either be wells, Parkway to problems without one is. If you're worried about Balbo being on, street it doesn't fix the Balbo street and how many streets will we, now? Have named wells anyone bueller till that's my count so when. You say I'm on wells you'll. Have, to say Which one well I think people to start, calling an idea that would work. I'd be I'd be wells I had, to be driving on That's some of the news today, this, is WGN richer rural dear to tell us if Denzel Washington can equalize twice mama, Mia here? We, go again shares it granny cluster hopeful explain what's happening in. The world. And will find. Out if calls in.

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