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Equals poo poo disease anytime you see tv much like a fucking the village like it's like tornado destroys country like you know it's always like some like like natural event or war thing there's another thing they cut out this was the notion that in addition to all this terrible stuff happening in the world art is being stolen like the largest series of art heizer happening because marland is collecting all the mona lisa disappeared right so this movie and we have to talk about it we have you know in in atlas shrugged yes the world's great thinkers and inventors who are too individualistic more you know government society go to this place called grants gulch where they like have their own society yes and it's this objective vision of like the strongest and the smartest and whenever right it's creepy yes that's what this movie's about now it's about how that's bad it's a rebuke to that is but it is fascinating that after years of being criticized is like incorporating a lot of this thinking bird has made this movie that's like trying to wrestle with exactly that idea i think that's exactly what he was intending to wanna make a movie explaining why that isn't what i believe in right why it looks close to that but it isn't like that's what i love as that's where he's putting himself in he's like dividing his personality i think really strongly in you know the pessimistic side of him as being put into clooney right all of the sort of like man we just don't were not try any more and we're not up to mystic about the future and the world's going to end over nothing i can do is being quelch and then the younger version of himself in casey which is like tilting at windmills right like you know it it takes us believing in things to try and you have to make this effort lyod right and she knows how things work she knows how things work so tries to go in again and do do another fucking i i don't know i hate the fucking ness forget it like.

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