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And dodgers cops opening up a half game behind milwaukee and four clear that cardinals while the dodgers have caught fire they want senate ten and they hit a major league high thirty four homers in the first thirteen games of the month so they're going long on teams at the moment tyler chat would throw the cubs against the dodgers looking for his first win since may eleventh and he certainly has struggled with walks all season at least four in four of his past five outings tyler chat with on the mound tonight and kenta maeda going for the dodgers white sox opened a threegame series at progressive field in cleveland tonight in the exact same matchup is last wednesday on the mondale and kobe against trevor bauer bauer has been a strikeout machine for the indians he fan twelve white socks in that outing and he's had ten or more in four consecutive starts that's a longest streak in the majors this season and the only other cleveland pitchers in history to do it bob feller the hall of famer and corey kluber i two time cy young award winner indians beginning the day leading the taggers by two and a half games white sox were swept by the tigers over the weekend the rest of the division races arizona a game and a half up on the dodgers as well and it's houston a game and a half up on seattle atlanta three and a half up on washington the yankees and red sox tied for the lead by a large fifteen games over tampa and toronto houston looking to extend their winning streak to twelve tonight that would tie the longest streak in franchise history set a ninety nine and matched in two thousand four they take on tampa bay tonight with the american league strikeout leader at the moment garrett cole with one hundred thirty on the mound world cup soccer and so she russia sweden on a penalty kick beat south korea one nil belgium shutting out panama three zip and tunisian trails england one nothing with sports at fifteen and forty five on your home for the bears jeff joni ac newsradio seven hundred and one zero five point nine fm as a business owner do you ever wonder.

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