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Goes back to shoot income insecurity um he uh you know just you know he's a great player but the you know for some reason he he was just uh didn't have vowed confidence as as time went on he he became more confident about his plying but denied certainly always encouraging the play chris i love this touch in his his ideas were you know amazing your keyboard player playing though as always been kind of close to the center and it's often simple parts if for all the complexity the bids it's often yukon of just playing the cords essentially hit nino it there's no particular interest in showing off on your park no i mean uh you know a i do have i think certain limitations to to my playing but them uh yeah it's it's i think just my role is more of as a rhythm player on you know us sometimes in a live all no i give myself soloists and while or something like that but on records system you know i don't know this rock and roll it's it's kind of uh underwhelming sometimes to european auto panel solo e at least in the style i play which has sunk kind of single note right hand be bobby styled how it's it's like it's it sounds of a week sometimes with with the the other is from rotation in a sagger gets a two seven times i have to some things on sent sympathizer that uh yeah i think fit in better you once thought about applying supposedly to libyan bob dylan's touring band or auditioning would not have been doll for young given the kind of cords and simplicity of of his music uh no because um i think if you listen to the way for instance richard manual uh place bob dylan songs they're they're not boring it all there he he has a lot of gospel uh.

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