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He's a member of the college football hall of fame after his fine college career at usc went on to play ten seasons in the nfl. Starting out with the jets and then he followed his coach. John mckay the expansion tampa. Bay buccaneers began play in the national football league. Richard all players probably think of going into the nfl hall of fame and that is a great honour. Indeed but what. Were your thoughts about being inducted into the college football hall of fame run. It's a great. It's a great honor. really humbling. on her. I played with Some very great young man southern california. You know davis but hayden. Jk mckay Sam cunningham charles young. He'd adams i mean the name goes on then. Swan i mean i. I was fortunate to be on a great football team. Believe me when you look at the period of time in which you played college football what is it that stands out to you about the way the game was played at that time i tell you a yards and dust not as wide open and say a little bit more technical to that. Say these days. How did you end up at usc. Everybody always asks me a question. I was Recruited by usb my college high school coach that coach john mckay at a coach's clinic in atlantic city. And i only. I would the school with a great way running back. Chatman went to the university of michigan. I was an offensive lineman at the time and we had some great football teams there and he was running back and i was a primary blocker. So that's how. That's how. I guess i know i know a gel with john mccain the times that i always talk to him. I always thought that he was tough guy but he also had that soft side to him as well. It was the first time you met him. Richard what did you remember about him. really Influenced me to the southern cal. The first time i make was gay. What a man and gentlemen always retreated me with the most back and it was because it was a father figure. All door's always open. Spoke to me all the time Just a friendly man and has some of the humor that you would definitely make you laugh. He was a good first. You were three time college all american. You're linebacker with usc. And the one thing. I always remember about you and watching you. Play is your first step and that may sound funny. But i always saw when you took that first step. It was usually the whole that you were going to fill. Was that just instinctive or did you just understand the so well and what the other team was good going to do as you. Just fill that hole immediately. Well i think we had a great I staff and they prepared as real well I had dated. I had learned as sublime in high school. I i was fortunate to have a line coach. Who tape professional football. And so he gave me or taught me a lot of different techniques and skills things to look for. And i tripped jack bishop thousand syracuse and Just a great guy. And i don't give away my secrets. They they are safer ever richard. When you were at usc it was during a period of time in which dominated college football and of course they had the the offense. Everybody always talked about the student body. Right student body left but do you think that the defense for usa really did not get. The credit was due because everybody always focused in on tailbacks in the running game at usc on defense. Fausto also with our team is pocket. But there's also john sophomore year and James sen Dale mitchell Charles anthony i mean if you were closer. These guys operate i mean. I don't even know if i was the lead. I think they just we all started together. And we're real tight on defense and we knew offense. Was the thing that steve up. You don't win championships unless you have a good defense. And that's the way we look at it. We were one of the important wheel team that it and speaking and speaking of championships of course the trojans win the national championship and seventy two and seventy four were the personalities of those two teams different or were they similar they different. Because i'm the seventy two team. We had more seniors. You guys who have experienced six four record the year before i think they are winning record before that somewhat but The my senior year we more guys on that team have been together for four years and that was when the freshmen could play. Ross so we had been together for four years so i think we've made a host of that team. You take a look at your record when you were at. Usc team went thirty. One three and two who were the folks who are the three losses to We lost to Arkansas my senior. I've seen here in which. I don't think we should've lost any games We lost to How state in the rose bowl junior year and one of the game taught me to remember that in the two. Yeah in the to remember the other laws. Yeah in the two years that you won national championships You beat ohio state in the end. The rose bowl. And of course those were those were woody hayes teams at that time yet a guy by the name of sam bam cunningham and then you had anthony davis at running back in seventy four. They were diametrically. Different type of running backs. Weren't exactly exactly well. Sam was primarily full that right and but the coach would put him at a tailback spot. Especially your yard races and i think You know lots. Ron was the hall of fame.

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