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Tonight. We kicked off the show talking about the false narrative coming out of New Mexico. And of course, the sunspot New Mexico site. I believe has been reopened now after it was shut down. Gosh, it was a couple of weeks ago actually a week ago. And we were talking about it. We actually we actually had certainly. We certainly did a lot of coverage on the story. And what was interesting is that people are now after so many months, actually, actually, so many weeks we've been getting emails people saying, well, what are you going to say about it? Now, you know, what was what was the verdict will say that the reason why they shut the thing down was because a child porn and the janitor was downloading child porn on the wifi there. See I don't understand how that would be reason. I don't know how that would be reason to. Actually do that. You know, having the FBI by helicopters men in black show up getting people out of the post office shutting down the town. All child porn been many theories going around. We have many reports on the show. And of course, the Sam call. Is something that people are still talking. What was interesting about the Sam call is is that you know, we we had on the air and would Sam spoke. He was talking about the secret programs using the heart project and some other side projects with harp called hammer and smack what she said rescaling, they're using this program to create many CME's, or at least to try and extract plasma from the sun. And at that time we were in the middle of a bunch of hurricanes. And he said, this is a great way to create a weather war. Certainly compelling story. Compelling report, especially when you know, he said well pay attention to hurricane. Florence is going to be some sort of a special surprise for everyone. And of course, everybody thought well special surprises, the porches parking parking stuff over the Carolinas. Now, here's the bigger surprise. It was reported today that remnant of Florence off the coast silly exists, and it's turning into another tropical depression, and there's a twenty percent chance they could turn into a hurricane again. So if that's the case the big surprises, the Florence had a baby. And at four for the Carolinas again, another Florence Fords too. I don't know if you're gonna call up Florence to. But certainly it's a remnant of Florence. And certainly like I said twenty percent chance of could give birth to a baby store. Would you get, you know, just a rare event, and that's the thing. I guess you have to wait and see here about things because you know, when someone gives you information like this, you gotta Christopher fought. No what we have him on the show. I said, so what can you tell me about hammering back? And he says, well, I don't comment on classified projects. And so I realized I realized that when Sam called the program. He gave us out some information. Probably that we weren't supposed to talk about. We weren't supposed to handle we weren't supposed to touch and so if it's connected in any way to sunspot. And they are doing this type of work. Like likely due at certain where they're using axioms to find dark matter using son particles with the Satan, they call the Satan. Okay. Then perhaps he's onto something. But the media in the FBI or claiming the federal search warrant they saw said that the national solar observatory there in sunspot was shut down is that BI agents were actually conducting a computer investigation into child pornography? Sources say that the child pornography was traced to an IP address used the observatory in a source within the building observe computers with quote, not good stuff on it. Or not good images. They said that's the by the FBI reveal that a janitor is the main suspect in the search over he's not been charged with a crime, even though his name is not on even though his name is on the Warren. The Warren does state that the suspect could use the did use or would use the observatory wifi and a personal laptop to download the child pornography, by the way was also report on September twelfth New Mexico state police found a guy near the facility dead. He was near white sands national monument. They they found the unresponsive ban about a half mile from the trail head between ten pm eleven pm New Mexico state police responded to white sands national monument, and then confirm the man was dead upon their arrival. There was no report that the man was connected to the investigation. FBI agents told the local law enforcement to stand by after the closure and evacuation of the national solar observatory sunspot Tara. The tarot county sheriff was confused and said that he felt this OB FBI was well acting chicken poop, basically, and they weren't allowing them to know anything. So now the child pornography stories official story, but people are not buying it. They're not buying the narrative, I think it's a false narrative as well. So much left to talk about is merely conspiracy theory, unless we can find out more about SAM's call and more about, you know, probably get some information from others about what is happening here. What is happening in the skies was happening space, and you know, it's funny. The only person I could think of to give us a low down at what's going on in space, and whether or not the observatory was shut down for other reasons is Richard C Hoagland. And of course, Hoaglund is the principal investigator and founder of the enterprise mission as well as the vision, and the voice of the other side of midnight. He is the recipient of the Angstrom metal former science advisor CBS news and Walter Cronkite, and author of the bestselling books, the monuments of Mars and the dark mission the secret history of NASA together with Carl Sagan, Mr. Hoaglund co created the pioneer plaque and predicted life on Europa in his groundbreaking paper. The Europa proposal published thirty seven years ago before Nassar's announcement, this vision is inspired a whole new generation of pioneers and a whole new generation of people that are eager with what Richard has to say. And so we're very glad to have Richard back on grounds or Richard welcome back to ground zero. Hey, CLYDE, thanks. Let me ask you this question. Okay. How many people janitors how many institutions across the United States tonight? You think right now downloading porn? I don't know. I I would say that they'd be stupid if they were downloading porn at any facility, especially if acidity like like an observatory Philip things go on all the time. Sub Rosa courts they do. I mean, you know, human nature is human nature porn exists because people want it, right? There's a market and a customer, right? Is it illegal? See it's illegal to send it because then you have to put children in the position of all that but exchanging images from websites downloading on your computer. Legal. Well, there's an epi there. There's an iffy. I guess you could say law with that about the exchanging. But see this is the problem. I have with this is that he didn't say he exchanges says he was just downloading. It's like free trade with the press. You look at stuff, right? I first amendment, right? But you don't live in a dictatorship. We don't live in the tally at least. We'd stink. We don't. But why would why would they why would the FBI step in? If the police could have just taken care of it. Exactly. Now, the local sheriff house minds me so much McLarty MacLeod McLeod, New Mexico sheriff, and he says this is a bunch of chicken, and you did it very nicely. In other words, he feels left out in the dark. Why would you make this when I was growing up? You say why make a federal case about why would you make a federal case when the FBI is not investigating Cavanaugh again. And this whole, you know, Michelle Goosen in in in Washington. Why would you dispatch a team of FBI agents and a Black Hawk to land in the most remote observatory in the United States to look for a janitor. Who's looking at porn doesn't make me up. Great. That doesn't make sense. It really doesn't. Did you see the video with the local resident who went up there after this whole thing? Blew up on the six. I didn't see it. Now. Amazing guy took him and his son went up. They just videoed everything they ducked. Under the yellow caution tape member wasn't crime scene tape. It simply said caution. And I know our local ABC affiliate guy got stopped reporter, I've been working on this. He would not go onto the tape. Right. So these guys these civvies went in and the Guy Forget his name Romero or something he shot all over the mountain. It was like a verbal ghost town in the sky, you had labs and houses and buildings and the observatory's and everything is just there, and there's nobody home. Nope. And now around. We're open. There was a garage. A big Roz. They used a free furbish the government vehicles that was wide open and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tools and other gear. Just sitting there waiting. It'd be looting pilfered, right? What kind of security team? Leaves a facility abandoned orders evacuation, and none of the employee's for your show people that live and work up. There are talking. That's also really weird. I mean, this is so far beyond the edge of the paper in terms of you know, it. Sunspot cover story. Two point. Oh, well, you know, it's interesting reminds me.

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