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Blankenship's field goal attempt hit the crossbar and then the Packers since Followed with a touchdown drive. A Christian Kirksey interception set up another touchdown two minutes later and then the two teams treated touchdowns. But the Packers able to take a 28 to 14 lead at halftime, the Colts will get the ball to start the second half. What's really, probably a must score position for them. If they want to get back into the game and keep contact is Green Bay right now, with a red hot offense, all right. And just as you think the Vikings air getting the working their way back to respectability their game under 500, they're trailing at the half to the two and seven Cowboys. Let's check in with Erik Nelson in Minnesota. Yeah, Rich. I mean, the buzz all weekend in the twin cities is that Hey, the Vikings air back in the playoff mix with, you know an extra team in the post season this year, seven in each conference, But let's be blunt. They have no wiggle room. They have no margin for error. After that, one in five starts making ill afford to lose this game to Dallas today, and right now, at the half, it's 16 to 7. The Cowboys have looked very good, especially on defense. I'm not sure we can call them. Doomsday 2.0 just yet based on what's happened in the previous nine Dallas Games this season, But they've done a solid job keeping Dalvin Cook in check. Kirk Cousins has, you know he's been okay, but he's not really lit it up. So the Cowboys with this nine point lead the scoring in the first half, Zeke Elliott caught a bubble screen for a six yard touchdown pass from Andy Dalton. Theo Open up the scoring, and that made it six. So Dallas Greg Zuerlein missed the extra point, which could come back to be costly. In this game. The Vikings came back took the lead. Dalvin Cook a one yard touchdown run..

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