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The captain fairly true to his his character regardless of which way it goes he he does have contact with chloe. And Max if they are alive and together but it is kind of awkward still at. Its him trying his best and I feel like Khloe might be receptive. Only little everyone else she knows is dead yet so oh and he's the only person that would really have. Actually that's not true not true. Yeah sorry my brain got confused again with timelines Israel yeah. I'm glad I'm glad they did it to answer a question. I think it's a really nice call back to don't odds work on. Life is strange to say. Hey don't forget even though we've told you this is in the same universe. Even though we you know the adventures of Captain Spirit was a thing to kind of tie it together. I think this really cemented. Hey these storylines intersect Zach. And I thought the way that they handled it was really well. Done like rewarded. You for actually like exploring stain and listening because it's it's very possible that you could have missed all of those Easter eggs. If you never went into David's trailer right yeah. It was cool how he was so strict. But he's like here's a police scanner and I'm going to tell you how to cross the border and you said that he encourages you to turn yourself in. I kinda got the impression that he's like. You have a few options. This is is like what I'm going to suggest but you don't have to do this either way. I was like okay. You're breaking the rules. Mr David Sir. Yeah did bring them a little bit for you. which was nice to me? It felt like he was like well. You can't run forever. So what are you gonNA do. You might as well just descending now or do in ten years yeah yeah yeah exactly. Yeah I can just not come back here as could be okay but we've got. We've got a little bit more to talk about before we get to the final decision of the game so you say your goodbyes to everybody in the can't Karen's enjoy your way. You have the opportunity to have some niceties with her or not and then you set out on the road and this is kind of where again shit go sideways as is when you get to the wall. And you're like okay I'm going to have Daniel uses powers like open up the section of the one. This was like almost like painfully slow. I was like just the car. Just go uh-huh faster just like what are you waiting for like. Why are you still need to be in? He doesn't need to be outside to do the forest pool thing like in the car. Be Ready to gun on it the minute that he actually gets it open. Why are you why are you walking away? Chains like watching a horror movie. Yeah don't go upstairs ears. Go out the door what are you doing of course. And then. They're like we did it after he does Daniel successfully. If you're with your coaching rips a Holm's wall they have they have a fucking victory moment and I was like no. You haven't made it now. You need to cross the border Zenia. It got this edge of the border. Does you no good get your ass over and I thought I was getting a happy ending. I thought that was going to be it because I thought I had done all the right things in August. I knew there was no way that it was and then as they're walking away I was like sixty forty. I'm getting a good ending. And then you hear the bullet and then that's it so yeah so so that was pretty traumatic watching Daniel get shot this idea. Also that these vigilantes these kind of militia that are you know what's the word I'm looking for here. They are kind of self proclaimed the border police when in reality they have absolutely no clue whatsoever. Does idea idea that this that these vigilantes can just shoot. A child is It was that they made they made this call. And even more while that the actual border patrol that shows up immediately like you shot a child like you're going to jail so he bring. They had this altercation he ends up locking them up anyway. Everybody's locked up. Daniela shot. You don't know where he is. And Sean has this moment where he meets this couple. Who got caught border-crossing border-crossing as well in prison? This is another really bold moment. I thought where don't not said. Hey we're just GONNA go at this head on and make you be uncomfortable with some of the dialogue and with some of the choices that are going to happen with this couple so you meet them. Their names are ago and yeah. I don't remember right down both of their names. But essentially you us to figure out why they got caught and you had this conversation with them about Harlot Diego Criolla. Yeah so did you guys. was there any doubt your mind about what you were going to do. With the vigilantes in what you were going to do with the couple my thought was initially I do nothing with either of you. Look just leave them where they are also win every so you're being interrogated. Ah by the police or the border patrol and then you start to get the. It's the T.. REX trembles liquor. The lights are flickering. You're like Oh Giscard Daniels awake and so you kind of have that moment and then as I was I actually didn't even know you could do any any of this because I was so focused on just getting the hell out of dodge that I didn't stop to take revenge. Middle Vigilantes or let these people out of jail. I actually think I looked quickly to see if I could let them out of jail and I couldn't find them and I was just confused and just wanted to get out so I just left just left everybody. You have to let the conversation I think between Shannon Daniel Occur. I where we're daniels like. Hey who are these people and then you get the option Yeah I didn't have that. I was like we go. They're going into come after US very swiftly very aggressively I freed the couple and I just let the vigilantes alone like stay in the cage. I WANNA kill you but I'm not going into. Yeah I was like you just say there for as long as you have to but like yeah. Let's a couple go so now you're once again on the run in this time you're trying to make AAC it actually for the border. 'cause you're relatively close but not close it up because turns the heat is on so we get to this kind of final moment where you're at the border. Did you ask Daniels to shoot the officers in the know station so I did accidentally because I didn't know that was what the option was. I I thought it was gonna be like again flick them away and then so I hit it and it was like Daniel Kill the and I was like Whoa. WHOA Shit I WANNA do that jails but Daniel thankfully was like? I don't WanNa do that. Good Yeah we don't we don't want to do that. It was. I was just ended up finally like getting something where I knocked swimming coming on them because it was that was a panicky moment. Where you're like what? What can I throw them to get them to go away but anyways yeah so that was that it was ABC's but Daniel was good? I taught him well before Johnson. I'm Greg So what did you did you. I I saw the prompt above them and it was like kill and it was like. Oh No we're not doing that. So I also just blowing stuff out them and then as they got closer had the opportunity to throw him in a room and then put a locker in front of it they were just in finding their. Yeah okay so I want to now go to the final final showdown the final showdown so like you're in the car you're with Daniel off. I allowed allowed Uber. They're they're like we made it. We're GONNA make it was like in what universe. Yeah are they not guarding the open border right either. Drive drive back to the hole in the wall and hope that they didn't put anybody there or on you make a hole in the wall. Those are only two options you're going for the actual will actual border. I don't know what you're thinking now. Yeah I agree. I think they clearly were just like your local on panicky and right right and so they get there and like there's just so many officers on like I don't know how this is going to end well so at that point I was like you know what we just gotTa go for. We've made aided this far we're not surrendering now and so I- pressured Daniil to just like we're going. We're doing it hoping that he would just again fling them aside and not actually like like go terminator on them. So did he happened so in my playthrough Daniel was reluctant but did kind of go after a couple of officers and we got it for the border and at the very last minute he opens the doors and like tucks and rolls out of the car. As I'm driving across the border and I'm like new. Yeah that's pretty much exactly what happened in mine too and it was. I don't remember it was. I don't remember where in the prior episode. It was the conversation with David. Did I think where he says. Hey you know. Nothing's going to happen to Daniel. He's a kid ever GonNa send him to jail. And that's when I was like okay so I'm the only one getting hosed hear Daniel's going to be fine regardless of how this goes down if I'm surrendering. I'm just spinning most of my life in jail. That doesn't seem like a great option. that's why I was like we're GONNA buy clydes go for it or wait a minute the cliff but we just got an or go. I see what happens and he was also reluctant in mind. But I was like. You're shooting at us. Maybe do something he was like okay putting And then he hopped out too but which to me after like kind of seeing some of the other options that can happen I feel is the best one. Yeah so that's the parting ways in Dean and I I did the redemption ending. So this is when you're you know Daniels asking Sean. How does the story and and then enshrine responses? I think it ends here. He surrenders he gets out of the car and he gives them this big along speech. I don't know if he does that. Also in the other Indians about don't don't forget your Diaz how much I love you. I'm proud of you. Forget you are Blah Blah Blah time for speech Speech he stands out the arrest. Him they like share one long. Look as he's going away in the police car and then that's what it ends. And then you get the same sort of montage of Daniel growing up you know he gets a job at a Barista a he's all graduating high school..

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