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In the night last night after 11 o'clock giants True story. Guys tend to eight win four different comebacks in the game. Brandon Bell two home runs, including the game tire in the ninth inning. And then that last night from Donovan Solano. Only his second homer. The year was the other one. Ah, walkoff. Also, or was it a It wasn't It was a critical one. I know that it was It was a huge first walkoff. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. By the way, I'm just looking at the Giants, but I'm looking at the box score. Just kind of marveling at its shadow to Longoria for Knox last night, Okay? No. What duties on a nice year, Longoria To 92 Within 8050 p a belt up to 3 13 after four knocks, and then you know what? Three knocks last night. Your guy Brandon Crawford, Polly, So I'm okay with BC I'ma Crawford guy. I'm a fan. I'm a friend of the composure. Whether he's pushing is a baby in a stroller on the morning of the Game seven in Kansas City, or just getting jumping Johnny Cueto and out of AA to Runner Jam last night, weren't there On 2nd and 3rd when he made that great play last night to end the end. What was that? He actually did have an error tonight, Believe it or not straight out. You want to kind of Ah, wonky hop hop on him, and then do the least sexy. Unless you're Sachin, who respects the sexiness of a wandering Peralta. Who knew, dude, By the way, I was like, Well, it was baffled by her interest in. You never know what you might have to get. Irwandi Peralta, Jersey Dude, I was actually we actually had a discussion about this yesterday because you know, picture or players will get their name like embroidered on their glove. Yeah, well, one he's got one and clear line. We'll know it says Peralta wanted Peralta. Whatever. But it's got his number embroidered on there, too. But it ain't the same number. He still got that he's got. What do you think? Jeff Foxworthy. You know you're a redneck when you know you're a journeyman win 53 on his glove. He's running 60 on his bed. Yeah, Hunter Strickland's number like I won't be here long. It doesn't matter. You have glove with wrong number will travel but to They went. They used 10 guys last night, Cueto and the Suarez Trevor got. Where is he? How about Trevor got out there last night. Wandy Peralta, Sam! Holy Mother. A blank kun Rods? Yes, you, Anderson. Caleb Burger, who's Paulie's guy? The Harlan. I cannot speak jury Bart's language. Garcia Tyler. I'm a dude Rogers and then the guy who actually got the wind in the last That was am Sellman. He got that w That was another bizarre thing I was experiencing late at night thrashing about the sheets. As I fell asleep in the bottom of the 11th and and woke up to Miller re capping the well and I'm like, Well what they want and they go. So Sam Selman gets the wind. Like what? Sam Selman. I was like, Am I having a Having some sort of hallucinatory situation. It's all really, dude. Selman. Yeah, Yeah, I got to tell you guys the bullpen went from, you know again, we're talking one week ago was the Trevor got three meltdowns here now you're looking at. You're kind of looking forward to these guys. Troughton and And by the way, Polly They're trotting in from center field. Now that there's a whole new look well, because Gabe is trotting out to the mound is like my skipper's trot, and I better try to everybody's running around out here and by the way, Speaking of running around to get every time I looked up last night, it was Brandon Belt running around the bags. I put this request out there early in the show. I think first segment cope if we could. Just a little tribute. We've done our Denzel. We've done our bodies. But, Murph, sometimes you need to ring that bell. You know what I mean?.

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