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Okay. And I'm so glad she heard that this particular June talk felt very validating, given my experience with my dad. I now feel it was possible. He was communicating in that week before he passed. So the other Indonesia podcast are great. Love your happy Vibes and all the amazing subjects should cover, you are both a light for me in this crazy world. May you both love light and healing Linda. Wow. Isn't that an amazing story? Oh, it's beautiful. I would recommend if Linda, if you haven't heard of the Raymond Moody book glimpses of Eternity. It's a book about shared near-death experiences. So it's not exactly what you're describing, but I think you'll understand why I'm recommending it. What I've learned from listening to my dad, and I think I'm in this in June, I do believe that people with Alzheimer's dementia, who anyone who is kind of, you know, trapped in their body or trapped in their mind towards the end of their life. I think that's doing their life review while they're here. I think that they are spending a good portion of their time when they're not aware on the other side. And, and I just so. So thank you for taking time to email us this story because it validates what I feel and sense. And I've heard from my dad that Yeah, they really are visiting heaven when they are feeling stuck and trapped in their body and their mind. And so you saw him playing Cricket with his brother George and don't you love the way she described it it to me it's almost like she woke up in a in a screen from heaven was projected on her wall. It's a good way to put it. Yes. I just think that is so amazing. And yes, whenever this song pops into your head out of nowhere, you need to take that and really think. Okay, is this lingo to a commercial? I heard on T on the radio? Before I got out of the car? If the answer is no, if you haven't heard that song all-day, you haven't thought of it in a long, long time. It to me that is off his Spirit, talking to you and sending a message. Music is one of their preferred ways to send us messages and for your dad. And you, since you already had that music connection, I would definitely dead. Pay attention to songs that you hear my dear friend, George who was a music major in college often. Since me signs through music and this is continually validated. Whenever I talk to other mediums they'll say gosh I'm I'm hearing Piano Man by Billy Joel or I'm hearing Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band, you know, two songs that he loved to play. So pay attention to that page and then the fact that he gave your mother, the names of two roads, he grew up on a news broadcast and your mom knew she knew that was from him. And and I think that first instinct of how long is that from Dad?.

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