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I make this decision with your mother and the apartment with all of us you always would have remembered at the very least that this is the movie where bugs bunny dies. Could've used him in a bunch of other things believe me. I'm watching a ton of novel stuff right now. People who economically debt. But it would have been like. Wow and because one of my main complaints was like nothing had meany. Everything was random. If they kept him dead. I would've come out and been like wow i guess the stakes with hana. That's yeah akiva. Do you think that we should be trying to like a help. Bugs bunny out here. Like for instance like Every time we have a man rabinowitz on the podcast. Should we use bugs. Bunny's catchphrase. Knock that's pretty good. Yeah we can't. We can't do what the doctor mining one. Yeah yeah yeah doll. Every time you have saddam that was on my wife. Doesn't like the dumb abbreviation is. His name is dominic the rabbit. We all all you wrong That's not what she calls me. Because you robert no so be the director. The director of the film malcolm daily or weekly. Yeah the sexualization of love in the original space. Jam was not politically correct and unnecessary. This is twenty twenty one. Lee said it's important to reflect the authenticity of strong cable. Female characters. Yeah body talk. Here's centralized sub. Read it with twenty one thousand eight hundred members. That's way more than app. It called lola bunny. And that's no no they should. They should arrest. Everybody feel like. I feel like right now. If i clicked on that link the hotel security would immediately see see you say like oh well why are we even need the algae rhythm for this mess. Okay don cheadle you do your thing. Okay do the thing. Yeah they should suffer those people into the eye and that it's lola bunny she's just like whacking them with. That's an commercial. Did you think lebron's wife was not concerned enough for a while on being kidnapped mike you know she was like hey i like i i will get them back but i do think like it took a while for the wheels get rolling. That lebron was kidnapped. Why did you think he'd to. The song was getting that. But liberals missing wilson Yeah a little bit. Even when they get sucked did all my god and then he's gonna win the buffalo right again. That would solve this. This is beyond comprehension life as we know it has to kind of relevant right. Do you think that there's a class action lawsuit against warner brothers after this because what it did to my childhood. No after everybody in the world got sucked into like Do think anybody's what like everybody's gone. Unsubscribe from hbo max after they get sucked into the warner brothers universe. If you get sucked into your phone. I think everyone's now like finally saying like high. And i think that's what's getting onto finally like. Yeah i think that when you're like you're right it's too close. Basically space jam and new legacy is about privacy. Yeah isn't that. I mean all these people just like logged onto a livestream and then they've got started. I didn't think dated. They mean nothing to me but the commentators was signing unfolding with big name. Earning good ernie. Johnson is part of the iconic most iconic sports sort of. Wrap up. show think it's like the know it all but for sports if you could imagine and so it's Early johnson with charles berkeley on the show but he was ernie and lil little harry worthy And as they actually work they did a good job. Yeah good voice of the people of like. Oh my god. This is horrifying kind of event. Like house how my mind. Reconcile what we carly experiencing might never recover. Yes i thought they mouth going back to the big game so shut up. Tim had a lot of tweets about space jam. A call in new legacy He said i just was shocked. That the tune squad. Mvp was while he coyote shannon. Were you surprised that wiley coyote got really like maybe been the leading scorer for a tune squad was he. I mean yeah. I mean he. He did all the repeat possible so that was a lot of points. I think it would be hard to say. Who was the top scorer. Because they were all there in the hearts trust me. I ruled that. I did not see it yet but the the first one famously does a box score. Yeah because was betting on this. The peterson was overrun. What the total skull would take the over the over well blown out of the water like anyone. Who did it. Imagine betting on this game like humor done. Yeah you hope that you you never got back to the real world if you bet the under. And and so the tune squad was a one and a half point favorite over the cover the goons really are not not compelling like they made them like these like slimy monsters kiva. Did you see wet fire. That fire was wondering. I was reminded of of you. And your wet jumper. Yes well. I mean i've hit as many baskets in the nba. Think as wet fire klay thompson as over last year because he's been injured but So that was also unfortunate. That is really not super relevant now. So they would the actual because i think it would be compelling. If they have like kidnapped the actual basketball is upgraded them. It when she says basketballers. It makes my heart sing. Well how do i know well. We like they wouldn't know it's great. It is highway. Well you call them. Bobby iming fun. I honestly think it's beautiful and we should do. We should take your bothell players. Yeah and honestly. That's not great. That does not really roll off. The tongue basketballers football. Now there's no such thing as a footballer and the united states podcasters not everyone is. Okay no you're right. You girl legitimately better. We're just stupid americans. Okay i'll take that but the the most stars had a journey like they will like in themselves subjugated by like the big scary alien. Whose name i should know. And then even then like the looney they will in the smooth Accepted them because they realize they were the ones who said the big scary alien back the space like they realized that they didn't have to take it that was out of storyline. It was actually out of beautiful message and now back but they seem to not featuring looney tunes so i was just wondering what happened between the two movies. Good question. and who who were the. Like game of thrones crew rooting for. They just seemed like they were just like rooting for happy. Get out yeah yeah. The night king was going crazy. I also think like voldemort age. Don't say that..

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