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I'm working on it. And but yeah. But i also wrote because or after i wrote it. I heard from so many people who said fairytales have so much compelling magic etc but the principles in them are so terrible we want to to show to our kids said doesn't reinforce that men hold power women must get married and you know the outcome of what happens to me in mind is very important. What happens to all the rest of you who gives gives a damn those really interesting Trade it for myself hud. We work out what we love about fairy tales and keep it in. Let go what we don't and that felt like that was a big part of the job. And you know angela you know end. There's so many versions said you know these are stories that have migrated mutated endlessly and so they feel incredibly available of course are the feminist rethinking of a lot of novels and things the wide sargasso sea. Jane eyre and things like that but you know there is some maybe more aggression in taking ownership of something written by individual and something that's claimed of just composted deep into the soil from which will grow. Yes yes exactly. We have so many questions from from our our audiences. Thank you so much everybody out there. I'm gonna delay even to them. The question from felicity which is ensure any trading. When do you think the presentation of evil in these fairytales has changed from the originals. Your versions do you think that is evil in these stories is just interesting because that's always an interesting word to think about this. Net wants to start us off. Yeah i don't think we should worry about evil in the sense in. We have to deal with it and it is in there. Of course there. There is evil and everybody needs to face that there's no point taking a pollyannaish view of the world. The world is as it is. And if it's in those very stories so i wanted to look at the female aspect all is being greedy and controlling aspect which she just wants to conceive in a consumer society in the after yet of face it head on a managed the store the fairy stories. Really the most wonderful container for all the explosive stove. It will hold. And that's why we trust it. You know why we trust our anyway. Because it's the it's the container the and you can everything in there In a safe space and let it let it do its work and people can come away with it and not burn to death or or disfigured they can manage it and that is a great thing. I think that all that all its various versions allows but in the fairy stories. It's really there so we don't have to sanitize it. Bleach it or back off. We can handle it within the container of the tail. Is this just this. This is either that rates for example in mallory story and will do a stress there. Is this very great sense of menace of horrible things about happen. I'm really interested in what you say. That internet book. But it doesn't have to be sanitized. It can be led to be there even evening. If you're writing this for a very young medians they love it. They lou sheldon patriotisms. Maverick because i i do feel to be on this. That the fairy stories. I grew up with we're brutal absolutely brutal charles perrault etcetera and And they will cinderella story. I read for example the what but he took one of the assistants torture. He'll also foot wood fifteen and the assistant so toes off so Fit into the slipper blood gushing everywhere which the princeton notice and so forth and and in one of the many versions little red riding hood i read. She goes eight in the end. You know so. I do feel that is the. I think we're doing our children a disservice pretending evil doesn't exist and it seems to me fairy stories already. Good way of as ginette said that. I'm presenting the not contain that safe space and place and and the beauty. I think for me going up. Because i absolutely adore ferries the beauty of the most that The way to overcome will was in the initial character. Nine times out of ten. It was in your character and if you kind and if you try to be good and so forth then generally you. You overcame evil but it was very important to recognize evil in the first place and i do feel the recent The recent move in some children's films for example where you have you have your villains and you have your body's but they can't be dispatched as they were. When i was a kid they have to. They have to stumble and fall to their deaths or something has to happen is not as not that. They are dispatched by the the the pr the protagonist of the pace it somehow their own evil undoes them. And an yes okay. That's it that's a message. But it's also i think i don't see anything wrong with the message that says sometimes you have to sign up and you have to actively fight against evil and i do. That's why size versus a fairy stories. I feel they they. They may have their place. But let's not lose the original tone and bites of the of the original. I mentioned just add. The people ages can can read these stories ninety. I really really enjoyed them. And i'm fifty two so it's obviously not just the children off but somebody here are says. I didn't have a name but thank you very much to this question. How is it different writing for children. As opposed to adults. I suppose to corolla to that would be if trying to write for age. It's what's the difference. mallory. I might stop start with us. That role As children and young adults anyway for me it was no different so basically my my starting point is what kind of story would. I've enjoyed reading as a child retain And what would have said to me. What what what. What would i got out of this and you know an into entertaining in itself. I see nothing wrong with just being entertaining in an of itself road so i. That's that's my starting point that he saw a sort of older children and teens and adults going to enjoy this. But i must admit as a wanting children and young adults. I'm very focused on. Okay this is my book for teens. This is a my book for opportunities for example and then tell the story and then are never ever talking down to children but talk you know having a conversation with them and kind of inviting them to come on board with the story i want to tell and have their discussions in you know as is them coming said it's sort of like inviting children to read them and then discuss the stories. Also what did you get out of that. What do you think was going on. How did his behavior affect the story. And and if you in a different way what was the the outcome of being and so on and there's so many good discussions that could be had for many of these folks so that that would be my approach..

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