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I mean i it's it's been a wild experience. Obviously with social media is just been crazy trying to keep up with everyone. Just send us messages. And i knew this. I knew this trip would helped me a lot. But i didn't really realize the the others and that's way i think is just so cool about or ten days and just more absurd for the next morning while you know you said something prior to this journey and that guy jogs my memory a little bit and gonna quote you because you were recorded saying look. Maybe i was always meant to be more than a hockey player. And maybe this is how. I can have an impact so it sounds like when you said that you believe that. This was the journey needed to take. And now you're joining us and you're confirming that. This has been great for you so if you'll always wondered that or did hockey kinda suppressed those feelings for you over the years. No i mean. I wanted. I wanted to play in the nhl. Twelve forty five. you know. it's not you know this was never. This was never in the books. You know right near journal and stuff when you're in kindergarten and preschool and you know no one signs up one hundred games the nhl. You don't like no dreams just that wish wanna make it to the nfl. You know you wanna be an all star. You want to make the olympic team. You wanna win cups and you know and that's kind of taken away from you without your without your power. It's you know it screws with you and it's often da. It's yeah it's kind of unexplainable for sure now when he decided to go on the trip. So how do you find the right person to go with. How do you find the right roads to go. I'm just amazed even that you just said okay. I'm doing this and out. You went was much more thought than i mean. It's more thought than that but much more than that. Honestly no i texted my buddy. Who is the..

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