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Sister knoller try it they're building that for us so it's not ideal i'd rather have any more open but it's where where hey cool did you sell tells about some of the devices were things you saw that you thought were interesting book okay so you guys are going to be so mad at me but i haven't had much of a chance to walk the show floor so i've got a couple things that you bedewir meeting zoltan and been doing a lot of meetings i kevin is the guy walk for abide by i do have some costa i would never are we never call a floor walker but okay on its way he excels at that he walks through and he's just like talk and absurd roller with forerunner exactly it will nestor irving total up matthew evans oval i know it's awesome and so it's for the listing yeah okay i'm trying to decide okay one for normal people i love the fact that both colour and delta are doing fossets with not just amazon echo enabled but are doing it to add additional values so you can tell your faucet dispense a couple of water and it will do it exactly drop exactly a cup or you can even train at like my spaghetti pot i can train at lake fill the spaghetti pot and that means bill this much water that's cool and then later on i can do it so i love that also saw some cool this is super geeky bosh was showing off the men's projector that basically is this tiny thirty by seventy millimeter module in what it can do is it kemp project a display it four for eighty two seven twenty peace it can even run video and you can actually interact with that display on any surface including your skin so your couch your skin your don't know kitchen.

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