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Yeah warmer in 2014 tara eighty sanctions now what they're calling them i'll sign up for us but the perimeter of the nego obviously and we've got an early poll you know back cage in it and powered by attleboro we do have a super charger on it uh we have a flexible kit on a nickel on 85 everything that you could possibly get our car we have done and we have kilfoyle equally redid the um um we have all pension break in a pretty much anything that any kind of keener and easiest with changing is absolutely change namely we have our customs that up on each track but i'm right now it making about ah the 3 hickey horsepower looking pretty good heaping take home with about one he can the factory and yeah we've been racing car since 2004 king are now giving 2015 and yeah it's been a blast i come from a background of being supported by being one of their on one of their cars and not no longer factory back but um everything is on good terms than it just in terms of plaski won the championship in 2015 per day and actually won the championship this year in 2017 or the calcutta division so um just trying to keep picking asking in rhyme at one and i know you know obviously kicking ask you see that but i know you got involved two in the sooner you can drive research the female driver searching you my good friend sarah price kind of got teamed up i mean take a suit because how is that i mean that's that had been pretty cool and i think it brought probably some more to it to you personally in what you're doing right.

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