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The well done don't it though though done well done build it oh no 2017 album by the american born lithuanian based singer violinist and luper abraham brody his album is called from the rich dark earth and that track is called yao oust almost ruza it's all ready dawn that's all abraham live by the way all the voices of all the violins the looping station allows him to do that he did it for us here in our studio in 2017 one of the other things that happened here that last year is that we started doing live sessions on facebook so that you could actually watch what's happening in addition to hearing it and and we did a facebook session with abraham brody and a couple of other musicians really terrific record number five on my top ten list for a 2017 at number four is a soundtrack now there's a story here as you might expect because soundtrack goes to a movie in the movie tells the story of felicite that's the title of the movie the character felisa today is a single mother trying to make her way in the bustling city of kinshasa in congo and the way she does that her day job is actually a night job she is the singer for a band one of those congo tron ix style bands where they've taken the role sounds of the traditional thumb piano and married it to this jury rig highly distorted sound system the the style noticed cargo trot x has produced a couple of bans that have gone on to tour the world one of them is the kasai allstars and in fact they play a kind of a version of themselves in the film so this character of the lisa today is essentially their lead singer in the movie the soundtrack is called around felicite at it includes some of these songs that the kasai allstars recorded for the film on on it also includes a number of works by the estonian composer arvo paired performed by the local chorus and the local orchestra in kinshasa neither of.

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