The Weinstein Company, Baba, Matt Damon discussed on Pat Gray Unleashed - Security guard speaks, Transvestite story time, Flirting vs. Harassment - 10/18/17


Although not at the weinstein company will because yeah that's a that's another it's open susan there right after it it is and then baba's look who's who's at the shadow of his brother the brother a british so good luck that's for sure good luck i mean i know that we all lived with with our being a bad guy for all these years and maybe we didn't realize as the facebook post fro the one hollywood insider said yesterday that uh you know we didn't know to the extreme of the raping and door of the sexual prowess outside you know behind plants and stuff but uh as far as him being a bad guy and going you know pursuing women than treating people like rap everybody knew was to that was just rv everybody knew everybody knew a cover up for him everybody lived with everybody who took their paycheck and went to the banking and cash any big stars and so and so that's just harvey yeah so live with with live with the up including people leg matt damon and better athletic they went to the mat for hill road in an article call them up and i have them have them uh you know be a spokesman for him to stop stories be road to stop things being done for him they either wien they with him in this story at first time they're they're into it a little farther than a lot of the people the that knew about rv to the point where the justice league movie is now in peril because been athletic is batman in it a he's a terrible terrible b is not a good actor and c is involved in this winds do you think plus his own little groping incidents that have happened over the years been he's got it would kind of i mean there's been in a couple of good movies and that's it.

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