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4th on all podcast platforms. Good morning, 7 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s now and back over to Jack Taylor in the WTO P traffic center. All right, let's start with our beltway delays in Virginia where a little heavy on the inner loop around Braddock road headed up toward two 36 in gallows road, but we're fine at a Springfield toward Alexandria and back, little heavier now in Maryland on the inner loop, passing two ten in our local lanes down toward the Wilson bridge, top side out of the hero. You're on the brakes from 95, headed over toward George avenue. Now a little heavier coming out of the big curve riding down toward river road. We've gotten a delay on two 70 southbound in urbana. It had been heavy for the monocacy toward one O 9, then again, just a little bit of a delay in gathersburg. There was a medical call north on two 70, local lanes, north of montrose. Now we're getting a slowdown leaving the lane divide as you head south down toward Georgetown road and three 55 again. Don't forget to work on three 55 headed toward down toward poop sales, got two lanes to the left, getting you by usually causes a little bit of a slowdown. You will find New Hampshire avenue, south near crest haven drive that wreck has just the right lane getting by. There was an earlier crash reported up in jessup on one 75 near Brock bridge road. Looking good at the bay bridge, we've got all three lanes west, both lanes going back eastbound, but the bridge is operating with wind warnings, no just no vehicle restrictions. Decent ride downtown for now, we're heavier going in on the 11th street bridge headed up onto the freeway, brake lights, D.C. two 95 south from eastern avenue toward east capitol street, northbound south capital street near Martin Luther King Jr. avenue in southeast. That's a reported crash, and we'd had an earlier wreck in northwest on George avenue near Randolph street. There's a building delay in Virginia 95 north in lorton, then into and through the Springfield interchange onto three 95, 66 have been a little bit slow manassas east. Then again, leaving Centreville passing 28 toward the fairfax county Parkway. An earlier wreck and vehicle fire in manassas, Purcell road was blocked between Khan's road and dumfries road. COVID flew, monkeypox, vaccines, protect your family this winter, join the town hall and learn how on Thursday, October 6th, at noon, register at AAP D.C. dot org that's AAPD C dot org, brought to you by D.C. health link. Jack, Taylor, WTO traffic. Not a storm team four and Mike's Jennifer. Claudia skies across the region today, it is going to turn rather windy. We're going to see red movie in for the south this afternoon

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