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Anything. Come on the Radio Free Endo climbed old the older episodes on Southgate Media Group. And I do a Halloween specials but out. I have the old one still online that really good really good story ones upright and yet. I'm doing that leads Up doing a m a deep dive if the real ghostbusters for next month. Which is Why it was five years ago on my birthday Baffler with the dog on that Nick on the next episode. So yeah. Yeah. So any. Given. Wake up with. The real the. Family you have. The the the cockpit, the real guys posters. With Climber A. Woman what View. No Sir. Based on the movies. Yeah. The mid eighty invite. came out. Five years ago. So yeah. The juice to that? Region so low. down. But Scott set off Sam the guy who did the voice golf field and Frank Co Scooby Doo he did a voice that in of votes. Yes lives. Quality quotes events. Actually, like high-concept for the time, Taylor came on. ABC's Saturday's. Yup. thinking. I was watching. That was fifteen. All. Right. Well, thank thank you. GENTLEMEN IS BEEN A. Great Time. We worked away route round. Rob Southgate. Thanks for inviting me on the glasses Camman. Again, I've got to tell you. When you talk about Comex, I'm a big fan of vintage coming in especially the at the English vintage comics. Horror Comics ever heard of comic Screama came out in the eighties. I've got moved digital. They will raise. Such as that. So. If you. Want to. English common. You don't really talk about across the. Yes, I'll send you some links. That you can have a look at a guy might beheadings Jamie on? Yes. Are. Will. Thank you very much greater mutual lows Ville y'all been a lot of fun Jamie use sound to wonderful. Forever. May. Close the big gates. Really. Looking. noted. The. Exit. Or? Have, a good one. All right. Thank you. Third Take Care. Thanks. So we'll. Go. So. WHAT ALLERGIES IS GONNA pop out of the window allergy. Or? me on and thanks. Linden Little thanks. Thanks. But boy ain't never now again. Are. Rolled on. Have you back on? All Right? How good rest of the day All right. Louis let's get out of here. Rob South. Southgate does US oh no. What about our plugs? Just. Not Ready all.

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