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CDS ADD Cup limits placed by don Smith in the third inning San Diego put up a three spot to get snow was Syndergaard he didn't help his own cause issuing a pair of one out walks three errors on the night for Smith in an eventual seven too long it's very frustrating because you know we get here so early every day and we put in so much work to be prepared for the game and then you get your one or two chances and stuff like that happens also one fourth of the funny things strike and the any anywhere this for the couple runs were men well Margot walks he's one of the two walks in that inning is that it was like they toyed with them the Mets actually even try to pitch out and get strong revenue goes on the next page and steals a base and then they try to pick off played second they almost given second next page like our pick me up and I was still flirt what do you guys in Paris and what was the last time a or forgetting a year recently the last time you felt like the Mets had a good situation behind the plate and Gary Carter was or where the Sears defensively Duca may I guess throwing I found yeah la Duke would probably be I very well could be miss someone let alone Castro decent back there defensively yeah it was later in his career but wasn't really there everyday right I mean just I feel like this been going on forever yeah Todd from Todd Hundley to Mike piazza Mackey Sasser of control of ball back to ensure that the now I mean I don't know yeah right seriously it's just brutal yup medline of quiet the route five hits thirteen strikeouts Padres added laid against resa million the bull pen as for Smith's defense Mickey Callaway says they try to work on some fundamentals recently fly communication of the day and trusting that you know everybody else around you is going to do their job so you can just go after the ball call wouldn't commit to it the best you can so you're not going to run into somebody really dealing with some basics here not natural for him out there to this point right we deal with that with the nine and ten yards not professional size Lee the loss charge to Syndergaard seven innings eight hits four runs three them aren't five walks H. strikeouts Callaway always finding that silver line I don't care how many runs you give up if you go seven as a starting pitcher you've done something how many what if you give up eight runs seven nine ten I mean come on Syndergaard says it's been the same issue that's plagued him insists been number problem all your syste execution strung out there and try to win every pitcher trying quick yeah Allen Eddie from since you guys are quote unquote met fans Mets catcher or not and here's the criteria has to be in the last nine years okay SO two thousand model two thousand ten to two thousand nineteen providing names yes okay go first with some of these names are funny tailored Teegarden Mets catcher no no now to get caught nine games yes two thousand fourteen I remember that already tell her tea garden I mean come on I didn't catch that on the one I am SportsCenter IT Scott Shaw blur fake also fake yes yes we face or just not a bank has made a name okay Sean blur just making up names I mean is it any worse than Taylor T. guard I understand I don't know if it's just absurd in that day because for some I don't remember Taylor T. gore okay catching nine games this one you'll remember and this clearly is a make catcher you members are you the immortal Johnny mon el I do not recall no idea vaguely yeah twelve games in two thousand fifteen this is gonna Jeez point is that the same years to garden the year after all okay that was the year of door no pull wacky and Anthony Recker any record member have you guys remember one San tan all now my god no when the hell was Kelly shopping on the mat I do remember that I don't remember that I DO Hey do remember came over to trade I think that rod berasa replacing the math HM I really is amazing when you look at the the list to his point now like who's been a really good met catcher we miss anyone that's been good twenty years any Rene Rivera was a good defensive catcher I mean I felt okay I feel comfortable with him behind the yeah that's probably who I was thinking but beyond that I mean John Bock yeah in Australia right want to try the Dickey specialists are on house was in the house and ten briefly how many games the fi seventy three okay more than I would have never Brian Schneider right Schneider duty that Joe and Evan weekly spot yeah I was producing that show and that was after la Duke alright yeah and and he hung the road and have to call him and his name was under an alias and I was thinking you will need an alias what was the alleys to member Brian Christmas come brain Christmas room that lease with Lloyd Christmas in there I don't know I would've respected that role in my eyes you don't need aliasing was going to be looking for you Brian Schneider if the same first name I mean honestly how hard would it be to figure out like okay Brian in the cruise is presented things not Christmas so this must be him here in room you know eight seventy three or whatever I still remember J. R. it's telling me that he is he from but from the prying Chris what if the guy a for buying Christmas like this is ridiculous it's not like it's Mike piazza from crisis aches Jacob thanksgiving opposed by our base rubber game at twelve ten first page on the V. C. B. as eight eighty elsewhere the angels completed a season sweep of the Dodgers they beat LA three to two in the it's like the blue jays for nothing behind a one hitter from Shane beaver here's his manager Terry Francona just.

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