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Of that mess and this place you can't even have your phone and what i've noticed is because of that you're more engaged in your fellow man you're more engaged in the event itself you're more engaged in that reverence and tradition and i'm all in we need more of that talking to marty smith marty smith's america the podcast and in this last podcast you talked to both rory mcilroy is gone for the career slam and tiger woods who's making yet another comeback this one seems a lot more for real than as other so in each one let's start with tiger in each one when you talk to people that long normally there's a oh i didn't see that coming moment so let's start with tiger and then the rory what part of the interview for both those guys surprise you the most well we'll start with tiger mike honestly it was when he walked in the door i got up to shake his hand and he gave me a big bro hug and i wasn't expecting that i wasn't expecting that so are found him to be completely disarmed i was expecting i was expecting him to be much more guarded than than he was he was open he was vulnerable he was considerate of what i was asking him and thoughtful in his response and what i found my my greatest takeaway from spending that forty five or fifty minutes with him down a medallist golf club a couple of weeks ago was a newfound joy and a newfound appreciation look i'd never met him until that day so like most people i only witnessed him from afar as a fan of his and there's a there's a boehner ability and a new appreciation for the talent he was given and the hard work he put into be arguably the greatest that's ever done it him and the guy you guys just spoke with mr nncholas so i feel like he's kind of playing with house money and as descriptive as he was about his injury about his back pain he was talking about it being so debilitating he couldn't get out of bed some days and some of those days when he could get out of bed he fell straight to the floor because he couldn't stand up and what mike knows i mean when you're an elite athlete when you're you're playing at.

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