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15 votes. So what's it looking like this year is going more towards Red area. Trump's surprisingly talking with some of my co workers here in Peach County, they feel the same way that I feel now Peach County even though it's a small county is pretty diverse 40% of residents are black 40% over the age of 65. Guess we'll wait and see if they're like What is it? Dixville Notch? Dixville Notch? Yes, that's right. We'll fight. You confined more news that access Wdun, So we'll see if Peach County is a good predictor. All right, well, I'll tell you right now. Just been an interesting ride and how many people just died early Voted 33.4 Million. Little over 3.4 million in Hall County, about 50% of registered voters have already cast their ballots. I think last time the turnout was close to 60%. Now that doesn't mean only 10% are going to show up on election day we may have. I mean, it may be a larger turnout in that sure, but even so, it will be fewer people than Would have been otherwise. And we still have today and tomorrow of course, today questionable may start a little late, so especially if there's no power. Yeah, because there's a lot of there a lot of places without that. So just be aware, my goodness. Well, we were kind of tracking, and Caleb and I have been talking in here in the newsroom, and I think he said What 25% of the entire state is basically without power right now. I mean, if you look at some of these outage, maps It's ridiculous. I'm so just and again be patient. I know it's hard to be patient. I don't like it when I don't have power, but it's not really safe and high winds for lineman to be up on power poles are trying to deal with power lines is when they're blowing around in the wind, so it's going to take a little bit. Their jobs that I've been interested in what it would be like to do. That is not one of them. Know you've gotto be tough to do that. You gotta be tough. You gotta specialize. You gotta know what you're doing, because Electricity is dangerous. It can kill you real fast. Really fast. I really fast boy. I sound like I'm from the style's known a really good blowed up real good. You are my goodness. All right, OK now, like at least use an adverb when it's you know warranted to be nice. Ah, I kind of just a second. We'll check out what's going on with your forecast in more detail that rain is, BJ said. Most of that is out of here, the intense stuff out of here. We're still seeing some residual winds but at least be a test of pretty much out of here, going on into the tent to see in Carolina area. We are seeing a lot of road problems. Then we'll get to some of those coming up in just a second. It's all straight ahead. This is mornings on Main Street eight past eight. And North George's News talk Wdun trick a tree grow me something good to see a gang. It's Nathan with near nursery in gardens, reminding you to not let your landscape looks scary. This Halloween season Fall is a great time to plant and a wonderful opportunity to make your garden look well, less spooky. Don't horrify the neighbors with your blood curdling and spine.

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