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It off for good learn more at noon N. O. O. M. dot com and by the listeners of KQED good morning the time now is six twenty one it's morning edition on KQED I'm Daniel Benton and it's Friday time for bey curious our next question comes from Alex in San Francisco who wants to know why he so often delayed when flying into SFO turns out SFO is the US is third most of late airport for arrivals here to explain why is a livia Allen price host of the bay curious podcast via email as you said SFO can be super delayed and actually twenty six percent of arriving flights were delayed in twenty eighteen coming into SFO and that's the most recent year that data is available and twenty eighteen is not an anomaly SFO ranks high almost every year for most delayed flights and explain this to me why is that you know we don't get snow or hurricanes here you might be surprised let's actually are fog that causes so much of a problem so on most days SFO can land two planes at once on parallel runways so when the weather is clear as many as sixty planes can land in one hour when visibility is low pilots can't make visual contact with the plane that would be landing beside them they're relying more on instruments to land and they don't actually allow planes to land as close when they're relying only on instruments that that visual sort of element of being up that is really important so then instead of landing two planes at once SFO can only land one okay so for safety the airport can only land thirty an hour say instead of sixty exactly and also triggers a bunch of ground delays so any flight destined for SFO will be held at its originating airport that way we don't end up with you know dozens of planes circling in the skies while they're waiting to land so the problems just cascade that absolutely all right so if I'm if I'm a passenger is there anything I can do to avoid getting caught in one of these SFO delays booking an early flight is about all that you can do if you're trying to get out of SFO because not scenario most of the planes will have been held at the airport overnight you're not going to risk the chance that an incoming flight will have been delayed therefore it's going to you know push your departure out no pets every morning as I can be reached at absolutely yeah that's fascinating thank you so much all of it you will continue and this morning we have another question from the bay curious listener here to help us answer that is Silicon Valley editor Rachel Morrow good morning Rachel hi Danielle now first I have a question for you what do you think of when you think about silent film you know I kind of think about right kind of cartoon line maybe villain with a goofy big mustache tying a damsel in.

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