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Since jamie respects warriors what's your take on him seeing the new john snow and will jamie try to convince ersi bike tyrian did dinares thanks i'm really excited about this i got to be out this is not a paring that i've given much thought to rob is john snow and genie lancaster hanging out it's not really some something that you think about in terms of like the character possibilities at least not like one of the first ones that come to mind but jamie and ned stark had it out for each other those guys did not get along jamie kicked the crap out of ned you know he he did not like that guide ned had no love for the king slayer because he was the king's slayer even though his actions helped save kings landing ned had no interest in the dishonor that he brought upon the kings guard so i'm very fascinated with the idea of john snow of of neds adoptive son at least being a guy who is going to interact with the new and improved quote unquote jamie lancaster how do you think that's going to play out if those two characters get to me it'll be interesting i mean you have seen jamie try to keep his word that he gave to cat land to protect the star groer alls or at least get them return home so i feel like that he probably has some better feelings than he did at one point where the his starks whereas they're like number one it is hitless than a lot of stuff has happened the jamie's ends up point and he is not as anti stark as he once was and john i think it's hard to be you know i mean john is not a rude person he doesn't like throw are a lot of insult so i do think that there's a chance that he could warm to john.

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