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Looking at that. They're looking at that cincinnati group. They got boyd and higgins. And i'm a big body like auden tate. I mean you're just trying to figure out what fits your team back. So i mean maybe get a little feedback from joe and that that's a great story but you gotta look those other guys as well because just just talking to my friends around the league. I mean everyone's got those guys in a different order. Your march is not the presumptive number one wide receiver so They're all very talented all right. Let's let's talk about the guy who for many has been the presumptive number one tack on that would be a soul and we've made it a conversation about soul versus chase with some kyle pits. Talk mixed in you. Have sean slater on your draft board rank higher than pineda soul. Can you go into why. Yeah i mean it's all going back to last summer and we watched him. I think that Again anytime i have this conversation. It looks like you're knocking penicillin. I'm really not trying to. I just feel like the media kind of put the goal jacket on honestly and then nobody wants to take off. Jimi you have no idea i. In december till in cincinnati now. Hey he's the next. Anthony munoz and i'm like number one unfair to the kid and number two. You never watch. Anthony munoz blake one hundred one hundred percent. So that's a complete disservice dependent tool and you're right. I mean you're talking about one of the top. Five tackles in the history of football. What are we. What are we doing so no need to really good prospects. But i mean even the guys. I've done over the last twenty years the tyrant smith the joe thomas like i don't put him up with those guys He's a really good player. He's gonna come in and start for somebody and be a really good player but again i've later over him slightly. I think You know. I like him as a finisher. A little better i think he's. He's played better high in competition. If you if you go through pennies went up against over his career at in the pac twelve at the next level talent He went up. Against and i think a lot you tucker from. Usc the more work done on him since the senior bowl i kinda circle the wagons on him because he was not eligible for our game That guy's really good player to Of them have prototype. Tackle measurable stall. These guys have shorter arms. That shows up with tape now. that that's one of the knocks on for that i have is that he gets over extended. He reaches the london. You can clean that up with with with technique work but but he gets out linked and So he's not like the perfect prospect. He's a really good player. But the fact it like. I said we're a goes back to my time in new england and maybe this goes all the way back to parcels but would make a comment and skopje only in the draft room..

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