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The we Ellen times week amazing X. force third annual Daddy daughter dance and she's the magic happened Saturday February eighth at the Sheraton Norfolk waterside this will be an unforgettable event to get dressed up with dancing and fun for you and your little sweetheart including an amazing dinner catered by waterside seafood company Norfolk's newest waterfront culinary experience only sells out so don't wait to get your tickets and see one oh four dot com the third annual Daddy daughter dance brought to you by Berkshire Hathaway home services town realty get your tickets now what is the one oh four dot com one of four is everywhere you want to listen on the free radio dot com app download it now hiring can be challenging but ziprecruiter makes it fast and easy we talked to see Dylan escalates we needed to hire director of coffee for his company cafe altura we would look through lots of applications for people who are not qualified it definitely felt like we were looking for.

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