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A rally swirly rally swirly. I like that you know and then cherry lt right down the road and clinton clinton i was. Yeah it's the minor league which team playing tonight. We'll go further in the playoffs. The white sox and the yankees. I like the white sox. Yankees are making a run yankees. I mean we all thought the yankees for work done and then they go out and get andrew heaney and haney and obviously make the moves with rizzo and gallo but then the kobe thing heads in the result backout so they dealt with a lot but they put himself right back and position. Red sox struggle bunny too little bit. They they blew out tampa last night. But i think the white sox are really good box lobby. Well behave out there. Are you taking ep. Today i did yesterday john. Smoltz gave up a home run to a fourteen year old that center here in corn ground ball shortstop anti as you know wait. You had smoltz on the mound throwing bp. Yeah so we're poppy and we're gonna have a homerun derby and then you get a text like that's not fair. He's way better. I go. I get it guys chick late. We had a throw low. Bp to me. Like i said a lot of ground balls and then there is a little league guys ever come into play in a fourteen year old tricks. Most dead center so interesting he was a half you know. He's a competitive son of a gun. He was not happy in my program. That's okay giardi. Now you gotta throw you got to knock the kid down with the next pitch. And i think if you would have gotten another. I think it was going down. Great to talk to you buddy. Thank you kevin. you got it. Brother will see. That's kevin millar he and Adnan virk will co-host. Mlb networks intentional. Talk that'll be live from the field of dreams site in iowa today at five eastern. That game is a little after seven eastern with the fox broadcast team. Out there. smoltz joe block. I mean they've big deal. This is like the winter classic with the national hockey league. Although they go to different sites and then they did try lake tahoe. But this is they're they're setting this up to have. This is an annual event. Tampering has the nfl. Ever done something like this. Where the played it up. Mono- pop style field. I don't even know what they would do. They play overseas. They play in london. But the nfl's never tried anything like this. I can think of no because the nfl only cares about money. They don't they don't wanna have like sixteen hundred people watching a game. They want. sixty thousand club did the nba. Did it on the navy. Yeah that's pretty cool college. Basketball's done that on aircraft carriers have a rucker park for a game or something like that or west four. What's up no you can't do. West fourth way way too small. I mean you still have to have the requirements there to make this official with you know how long the court is how the court is west fourth street. That's there you couldn't do that. I mean you. Can you can two dribbles from the opposing team. Foul line and take jumper club. Did the was the nfl college. Try to play wrigley field and it was like at certain point that teams can have both had to go the same way. Feel cut off. You guys remember that story. Fenway in wrigley hosted football games. In fact you go back to gail stairs. When he had his incredible six touchdown game against the forty niners that was at wrigley field and I think the boston patriots. When they played at fenway. I don't know if they had to change like you had to change and everybody was going in the same direction when you're on offense if that sounds right yeah pulling. It was very sad because up until two thousand and sixteen. The greatest thing that ever happened wrigley field was a football game. Gale sayers yes. Not and they've recently brought it back to listen there's a there's a fenway bowl where the figured out dementia or they can have a bowl game in there. All right. poll question mclovin. What are we going to go with our to. Our one was. Will bill ballot. Check every reach another super bowl. Sixty eight percent say no. We're want to do a baseball movie. Poll the question is. What did you just five movies. What is the best baseball movie of all time. Where the five to jump off the top of everybody's head. The natural field of dreams. Al durham major league. Those are the five i came up with. Put a league of their own in there. Okay that's a great movie. Now most tom hanks. Madonna rosie o'donnell yes. I don't think this counts because it was on. Hbo but sixty one. The billy crystal movie about mantle marissa. I it's maybe not in that. Echelon but i really enjoyed it. Any other ones mclovin. Well bad news. Bears came up over here see. I don't think that's a baseball movie. Well none of these are baseball movies. It's it's a it's a life movie. it's relationships i mean. Bad news. bears they lose the game in the end in the book. The natural robert redford strikes out. What's bang the drum slowly. Were robert deniro. Played a player. Dying of cancer lou. Gehrig story terry. Pride of the yankees. Yeah but i don't think those like for most fans it's the natural feel dream. Sandlot majorly because in bull durham. Costner sets the all time home. Run record minor league for home runs and then he gets the car and he gets the girl. Here's costner don't know how long ago i think a couple years ago. He was on our show and he talked about making bull. Durham dangerous. A movie as i made in a way because it could have been dismissed. It's fluff in fact that was somebody described it in a big article about me one time during my peak during my peak while That that you know that you know. They were liking when i was doing. And then field of dreams this movies probably gonna get dismissed. It hadn't come out yet. Because what's he doing over there. You know doing to baseball movies in a row. But honestly i i thought i had i just. I thought it had something special. But i knew how dangerous it wasn't a sense it it could just it just borderline. Just be so damn silly. And i really tried to watch that as i was on the set every day. Yeah and you start to think about the premise. Imagine kevin costner comes in he goes. I pitch you this. here's my elevator. Pitch got a farmer in iowa and my cornfield is talking to me. Yeah yeah and then. I have to go find this guy. And then he's a writer and he's in boston. And i got a having getting my van. And then he's gotta come to iowa and shoeless joe's involved in this and you still with me. Yeah i mean it's crazy. It's a silly premise. Like you're going no. Nobody's going to buy that but the natural is silly. So you've got a guy who dies and then he gets shot by his girlfriend and then he comes back what eighteen years later and he starts hitting all these home runs. He's got a bat. That's made out of the wood from a tree that was struck by lightning. And okay and the guy we're gonna have play. The starring role will be close to fifty years of age. Robert redford. paul. Do you think movies. This is probably redone. It movies like that. Sit around for years until a guy like costner or robert redford. Says i'll take a look at that. I'd heard that money ball was going nowhere until brad pitt. At i'll take a look at that. I read a story about moneyball said it was bouncing around and no one wanted to make a movie about baseball analytics juicy but it was about relationships all of these movies. Because if you look at bull. Durham it's costner's relationship with nuclear or his relationship with susan serandon other relationships on the team. You.

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