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President Trump, Luther, NFL discussed on On The Media


This is on the media above garfield and i'm glad stone last friday during an alabama rally as the president was stumping for gop primary hopeful luther strange who would lose the president took a moment to reflect on a subject dear to as high as the via c through wall is i don't know if you know this if you can have vision through it you don't know who's on the other side now not that bnfl love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects are fled his they get that son of a job the field right now he's fire his as a total disrespect of our heritage that say total disrespect of everything that we stand for okay everything believes there the rest as they say is history president trump versus the nfl the country the biggest is happening before the game a show of solidarity and defiance against the president countless nfl players and owners have pushed back as well as players from others horse step korean golden state warriors said they would not come to the white house to have their nba championship honored there and even lebron james late in pulling the president trump being trump doubled down president trump tweeted tremendous backlash against the nfl players for disrespect of our country hashtag stand for our anthem man down you look at what's happening with their rating cannot this respecting the mark leg that's what they're doing and down i think they're afraid of their players you wonder of the truce connecticut's to squeeze it makes for the perfect trump hope arri spicy notes of culture war grievance racist insinuations appeals to patriotism in order and the everpresent obsession with ratings and profit margins a rich mix balanced by the quick sciatic efforts of white house spokesperson sarah huckabee sanders to obscure the obvious but this isn't about the president the against anyone that this is about the president and millions of americans v4 something being four honoring our flag honoring our national anthem honoring the men and women who fought to defend it a point echoed by vice president mike pence.

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President Trump, Luther, NFL discussed on On The Media

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