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Care of her babies and silver the training center got there in ocala and he's doing some shortlist work and he's going to have some more for me to look at later today and tomorrow and I'm not a big two year old training guy. To be honest. I really liked the yearlings and You know a lot of these sources we've already seen and we'll have notes on from from last fall and I do have a couple of clients that want me to check things out. And i've got a budget and it's not a massive one but it's a modest one but We're going to see if we can pluck something out of their About about forever boss out of the sale up there she was she wouldn't expensive Out in the back barn but We'll We'll pick them and see if it come up with anything. I don't know that we need anymore. Young horses 'cause we bought pretty strong in the fall sales last year Let's see how it unfolds always enjoyed goma good place to press the flesh and circulate gotta ask about going back to the fall. You mentioned the yearling season Which of the which of the first crop stallions that. Have these new two year olds. Who were you tracking closely. Well i'm a big unified fan Bought six unified auction. I just thought that Yeah on very unusual to 'em alba's for whatever reason they gravitated to That stallion pretty impressive of the hippies putting on a horse in the balance you know he's candy reid line. I do think candy writes the next obvious. Line that that maybe Displaces tap it. Over time you know between gunrunners and obviously unified and khaindrava himself still plugging along Put a certain amount of speed in them. And i don't know if i call out.

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