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Brown head cow my heart been on and not me a bit and so many naira the georgetown loop railroad over the weekend and i met some really nice listeners now obviously not you 'cause i said some really nice listeners i'm always fascinated when i meet one of you in person and invariably the conversation will start out like this i love your show i don't always agree with everything you say whereupon i immediately stop you and say i don't expect you to and in fact that you disagree with me on some things is a sign that you're actually thinking for yourself and not just listening to what i say and if you tell me what you think i might actually change my mind on something that's what we do that's what conservatives libertarians rational thinkers do we like to understand all sides of this issue or a story so that we can make up our own minds so if you disagree with me about this whole trump thing i i don't have a problem with that i find it fascinating because as i've said trump was not my first choice in the primaries he was my obvious choice in the general election and some of the things that concern me about train and look the tweeting still bugs me and some of the things he does still bugs me but the way he is up ended washington as an individual who spent six years there and doesn't like it i'm fascinated by it i'm particularly fascinated by watching other world leaders and by watching other politicians scratch their heads not knowing how to deal with it doing during the interview jim acosta cnn tries to make a name for himself trump looks down those two parts to this clip the first part is trump recognizing as jim acosta knowing that he's going to try to grandstand and warns him before he can so that's the first part but then i want you to hear the question in the answer yeah go ahead go ahead respectful can you imagine any other president doing that all right it's your cost to be nice and be respectful.

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