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Join dennis malloy at the grand opening of true value hardware two hundred tucker ten road in medford this saturday from noon until to stop in for grand opening savings and enter to win a weber spirit gas grill for more information visit the events page at nj one zero one five dot com four twenty four with dolinsky door would just got off the phone with eric legrand having a flag football tournament and a fun run and walk to help support his charitable endeavors and and again we'll get that give us a little while we'll get that info up on the website because you know when people are in their cars they might be interested in forming a team or getting info about the walk but it's kinda hard to write crap down when you're driving so we'll get we'll get a post up on the dvd page about that you know i wasn't really kidding though when i was curious who he would come up with to play himself in the movie but as far as the concept of the movie itself i wasn't really kidding and like god wouldn't it be great if some day with all the research and all the breakthroughs if if he really is up and around against some day i don't know how many years from now but boy that would be when the movie would be just amazing the happy ending right but even without that just what he's done just everything he's done and he's the kind of guy that just like he just lights up a room uhhuh his spirit is just is just amazing so i still think even even right now i think a movie on his life would would still work but i got me thinking though when you think of all the sports movies that ever were because so many of them can be really really inspirational just like sports themselves itself can be inspirational what do you think the best one ever was and please don't say caddyshack okay you can if you want it could be a comedy if you wanna just somebody's gonna say major league somebody might right if the if the only criterion for this is it's gotta be sports movie it can be serious i guess it could be silly it could be old it could be much more recent but i.

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