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She was with the polo singer list although she would be with the pillow i am riding on nautica so let's the other kind of pillow so anyway so she luanne and the polo player we're listening to jazz singer and she was feeling rebound juice which meant that she was holding rambunctious yes she was wasted sekai threw up on my own ankle so you got you need subtitles under there during they got this so the poll apparently apparently the polo player said to her she goes the players has to me let's go put your rags of the room whatever rags in the room he said you know look at too rambunctious like lou anna's sitting there in the lounge with her bags okay so this is the only reason a lot of things saying her evidence listen bitch i watched every law and order okay rape ford i'll even watch a rape would i don't even care what mariscos does to her face in forever okay order count countess victims unit take notes look i have a pen i was like i was like wait let me charge us okay might take i had my bags and i thought well just go to the loans and see is the money specify that she took her bags sees a lie yet lady alive because she said she said i thought rags which i thought it was like some old time expression you're like oh let's get those rugs up to the room and the only hotel she stays out her from roger rabbit she's like say turns out before he was a polo player he was a news e so law the news e sure well informed so so they they go up to the room to put her bags or go up to the fourth floor and during the goes we'll flow you're saying which girl this is why when you're confessing you confess to a fellow drunk yes you know tell this city your sister you know what i mean you find the other fucked up i the room you're like basically going through are there are there lawyers here i'm sure there's some of your lawyers what do you call that when you like prep your witnesses called like discovery or something like that probably just like trying to get her story straight you know for what comes out troughs so you food well it's an all the boys really i mean music has no place it's everywhere she's just got the questions with lower jaw roping got all the question was that perfect store i so see he was in perfect storm i crash which will get to hopefully next live show late i'll wait until these ladies are on about the crime i literally i i left like religion a long time ago and since we've been covering these shows i found myself praying i'm like please that the week that these bitches get on the mayflower and crash into some pirates doing so well actually when we went to see countess friends lohan told the audience that ramona was freaking out i don't know how i'm sorry i'm sorry jack hold on jack jack don't let go never jack they're like we're still doc well it's way let's remind one time i was a little girl on this they said it's unthinkable got the boot at the steerage was mareo and i was like mary auto paint me i was like okay but instead i bound on his chest with so weird next thing you know he's like always berg straight ahead and i was like no thank you all take romengo it's like no i spread and josie smith said little we don't even know go slip through the first kathy bates came onto little boat in germany parsons smith glass at kathy bates face and she cried and cried and cried i think at the bates has had a glass on her face in every fucking thing she's ever that see never makes it out just okay even tannock you know like she lived where she had to ride that little tiny boat by well always love her in her famous romance comedy misery my favorite movie which is what mary was saying because he couldn't handle being with the successive one this this day i've never been able to write a novel in the mountains i'm sorry i'm sorry quite a turn well i just fully went like a very like fan fiction place i was like i forgot he got here i was like.

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