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Energy could be transferred shoko himself claimed on national television in 1987 that he could transfer energy simply by touch as a moneymaking scheme shogo insisted that follow was needed to drink his magical blood to get us energy and not surprisingly followers had to purchase containers of his blood at high prices shoko even sold is bathwater for thousands of dollars the 1990 recruits were expected to pay ten thousand dollars a month to be fitted with the electronic helmets that was supposed to align their brain waves was show goes according to shoko the helmet's could receive frequencies transmitted from show coz brain waves in addition to renting the helmet's shoko told the members that they needed to devote their energies to preparing for the apocalypse and encourage them to donate all their money to him by the 1990s shoko was a very wealthy man home shinri kyo was a multimillion dollar corporation emboldened by his selfproclaimed god who had wealth and his cults official status as a tax exempt religion shuckers confidence was at an alltime high so he decided to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a government official in 1990 shoko ran for parliament but his campaigning techniques were laughable at best his campaign consisted of eccentric white robed followers chanting shoko shoko asahara he also recruited a handsome young man named me hero joe you who was considered a heartthrob by female television viewers joe you told stories about how shoko had given him the spiritual strength to stop masturbating shoko was confident that japan and the whole world would recognize him as a god on earth and was deeply disappointed when the rest of japan didn't share in his delusion because shoko only took campaign advice from his own followers it caught him by complete surprise when he lost the election in a landslide.

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