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So since I'm going to aid your duty. I've got my pager duty socks on. They've got some kind of company retreat. They're always doing something. She's doing something your first date was on Valentine's Day. Yeah. Did you think? That's kind of weird. Up until that year, Valentine's Day meant a lot to me, usually Valentine's Day meant. You're a loser. And one day you're gonna make it. And then you'll be able to date a lot of women or you'll find someone you love, but it's going to work out. Great, but everyone else's in love right now and everyone else's dating and gear not. And then I started to date and actually enjoy Valentine's Day more than the people who the women I was dating. And then it became a thing that I needed to have to do something every Valentine's Day, even if I wasn't with anyone and the year that living I met was the first year. I was just okay with it. I'm not a loser from not with someone. I'm not like in a perfect situation. And okay with myself, if I am with someone it's just if it works it works, if it doesn't it doesn't, and I'm okay, not being with someone and not defining myself by that. And then we had this really good conversation. And I kind of had my aunt her for a while. And so I asked her out, and it felt just as comfortable saying, do you wanna go out tomorrow as it would have been to not do anything on Valentine's Day and retro retrospectively has she said anything about. Her thoughts on the fact that your first date was on Valentine's Day. She thought that it was a very confident thing to do to to be able to do it and frankly teeth and be able to pull it off. We're living in Los Angeles to pull off a really good night for Valentine's Day with less than twenty four hours. Notice was I'm glad that it worked out that way. Well, was it one of those? Yeah, I think a lot of restaurants have some sort of Valentine's Day like hard to get around. I lived in New York. I would pay a couple of hundred bucks per person to go out for dinner. And then it would be this jammed inexperience. It stocked. So we we ended up going to the crescent hotel, which was a hidden gem back then now it's just hidden in it should be. But it was hidden beautiful place in Beverly Hills felt old school. Beverly Hills really elegant really simple. And there was nobody there which is probably why it failed and turn into something else. And we will sit outside in the warmth of February in LA and talk and have a drink. And then go in. Side. And then we happened to one have dinner, and there was a restaurant that was open. Actually, they were closing. But set your sit down will get you what you wanna eat in. It was just the two of us in that restaurant. It was good. I eight. Our first year apart and tomorrow, she's still going to be at the conference. And so the planet always been that I was going to go take the kids and do something do something fun with them. And I thought I'd just take them out see her, and that'll be our fun thing going to whatever in Napa will do something that fits within the criteria that you had set out. Yeah. Doing something with the care, actually. Yeah. Fries with them while surprise mom tonight. And then she's not gonna want to hang out with us tomorrow because he's going to be at the conference, and I'll find stuff for us to do his wine tasting who know those guys are they're going to drink too much. You know, what I know we're going to get into business. But I've got to tell you that when my kid was two years old..

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