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Mike Wells, join us on the Goodyear hotline. I'll quickly get you out with this on the bills. Fourth down there was an offsides that gave them a first down when they were trying to do the same thing. The Colts the Colts did. That ends up leading to a touchdown. That's a bad penalty. Surprise you, and is that like an uncharacteristic thing? I don't follow him day today. That's a huge penalty in this game. That's a huge, huge penalty. Anybody who have seen who has watched the movie Beverly Hills Cop from Oakland Raider defense event, he fell for the banana in the tailpipe on that one. He fell for that hard count on Dr Alan. And jumps and then all the sudden it extended to drive for Buffalo. You can't fall for the banana in the tailpipe is Axel Foley said in Beverly Hills cop like I love this guy. I don't know, Mike, but I have to tell you get the pop culture reference. Is this the kind of dude mine who's gonna be watching DJ Callen on the freeform vodka? Uh, mega cast tomorrow time out. Myron knows how I roll. We'd like to have fun with it in their right mind. I'm no Mike. I know him, and I appreciate it. I'm Mike Wells fan now. Thank you very much, Mike. For the time we appreciate it. Be good, fellas. Else just coming in here. Think you made a friend man I did like I like a good Seinfeld reference. He likes a good Beverly Hills cop reference, No matter what happens, we're all friends. Well for Philip Rivers, this is a big second half, potentially his last second half. Is an NFL quarterback, but he's not the only veteran quarterback with a lot on the line. Brady Brees, Big Ben Rogers Are any of these guys in their last chance to bring home a Super Bowl for their career. That's next here on Game day on ESPN radio. Maybe Chadwell, the head coach.

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