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Was the boy who lost his feet was born on april twenty eight of nineteen sixty one hence when i data that terrible tragedy to fall of 19th seventy seven was nine when that incident happened now if kevin in fact is found to have prosthetics feet i think we can expect that he believes he lost his feet in in the cover story that had been concoct it which was the notion that it was a childhood accident that resulted from playing too close to the or trucks the danger bush has been underscored several times and tonight show where we for the the public service announcement admonishing people to let trains pass don't don't driver or try to walk in beat the train which is certainly great advice but i know that that's not how kevin lost his feet he lost his feet tall according to santa fe because when he arrived um there had been mishap there had been some your responsibility in the program and the program administrators had allowed three inches of water to gather in a public fountain on the grounds of valeo harvey junior high school site and as a result when kevin popped back into the eu after completing his trip from would rich new jersey to santa fe new mexico by a bordeaux tunnel when his feet arrived in the water water has a slightly denser specific gravity's an air and his feet arrived later a splitsecond later with the consequence that he was sheared from his pete at midday ankle the feet remained in underwater in the fountain and kevin tumbled out of the fountain and was rising on the ground when i reached is location i was then grabbed physically by one of the three team leaders that were assisting kevin than his medical distress and that woman yelled in my ear this didn't happen md you didn't see this this didn't happen you didn't see it my father was them summoned he took me to a doctor's office why received a hypodermic injection of some kind of medication to either forget or remain calm about what i had seen we then went to a restaurant where my dad was plight for information about the accident for the rest of the day by other project participants other adults in the project i then later remember one of my brothers referencing kevin's accident involving a train being the cause of his tragic loss of his feet.

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