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On do you know the guy. Would you ever sponsor tiger? 'cause I did Oh oh you mean to pack your woods with the why Kylie killed their feeling really makes a one word song. It's probably like two years ago. The last one he's had some real continue has faded. I did was right during I think it was. It was the warriors were in the in the finals. And for some reason I got in my head that the next logical Persian sponsor is tiger. I don't know what I was thinking. He was always taste. Yeah I don't know So I find his agent. I hit him up his agents. Like yeah he's pumped he's GonNa sit course is going to be sick and I was like awesome. This is big. He's millions of followers is GONNA crush. I do the deal. And then I give tickets and then I'm watching TV. And I this empty courtside C. O. At first quarter goes by and then the second quarter goes by And now I'm taxing the agent like what the fuck is going on Dude I. I paid ten at tens of thousands of dollars and tickets and worst tiger. And he's like I don't know where tiger s pitch faded seriously. And then I think third quarter. He shows up okay and he just throws up this instagram post. That had nothing that told them to do. Just complete disrespect. I'm doing it and I got so mad. I got really worked up so I. I was googling like where the agent was actually going mad mode.

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