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Great and Jeffey per Glenn today. Triple eight seventy seven B E C K. All right. So the latest on operation varsity blues. It's absolutely amazing. What what's happening, right? So is out of bail. I mean, I don't know that I feel as safe as I did with us. She was taken into custody. She's back out on the street. Yeah. He did finally come up with bail. Did. Laurie Laughlin is wandering around free somewhere. I'm scared. Look travel right travel. She's been working in British Columbia. The judge said, okay. You can go there. That's it though. She doesn't need to though because she's been fired by the hallmark a no due process. She had her day in court. I I mean, no, no, no they cannot. No, you it just doesn't matter anymore. The the due process in this country, you're fired instantly based on the accusation. Now, she's probably guilty. I guess, but you don't know that for a fact yet. No, and look hallmark is I mean completely pulled the plug whereas they were saddened by the recent allegations. But we're no longer be working with Loughlin, we've stopped development of all productions involving her. Wow. Big thing for them. Yeah. Did they shut down the show? I guess. Everybody have to pay because she paid her daughter. Yes. Yeah. Now, what are we presumed innocent because she's my wife, and I. Well, I used to watch this few times when calls the heart. I think is the show right? And. That was the hallmark show. So have the if they've stopped production of it. There's a lot of actors and actresses that are affected by that. Yeah. Maybe the. And unless they just wipe out her character, right, which is possible just not dealing with her. And she's gone. What ha what happened to Bob? Mambu right this dog. Wow. So I mean, I don't know. It's just seems strange. They keep tra- for the jussie smollet case. I mean, they came into our face that he's presumed innocent, then claiming not guilty, and we have to let let Justice take its course. And so he's still on that show, which they had the first new episode of empire. I guess on. When was it Wednesday night? Scam television. I apologized for Michigan. I missed it as well. And so did a lot of other people because it was way down in the ratings. So maybe people are just disgusted by it. I don't know. I don't know. They have their waiting for that to play. Right. I think that's a good thing. Even as to what he did is reprehensible, hallmark of absolutely do this and look hallmark. You know, I guess prides themselves in their squeaky, clean hallmark world. So any kind of any kind of stayed on that they don't want. So it they can't have a Parisian versity blow ruining their. Tonight's episode side.

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