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Make a bet on the Thursday, September 9th, open air between the Super Bowl champion Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys. And if you lose, you're a wager will be refunded up to $25 for new customers only when signing up and use the promo code. NFL 100. Hello, everybody happy Monday and welcome into a new patriots beat podcast here. Alongside me, as always, Alex barth, I'm Evan Lazar. And today we are going to do a live in the moment 53 man roster projection. We're going to get to that in just a few minutes here. We're going to take you through every single position on the pads roster and break it down. Who he thinks is going to make the cut. We think is on the bubble, who we think might get traded. And from that point on, we'll go all the way through all 79 players currently there are 80 players under contract that you count Jakob Johnson, but he still has a roster exemption that's a whole another conversation for another day with Miguel benzon and he can explain to us when all of the deadlines are for that. But I wanted to start first and foremost with an opening thought Alex from the both of us on last night's preseason finale against the Giants. For me, I thought it was another performance from Mac Jones where we learned a lot about the Patriots rookie. It wasn't all perfect, right? There was some instances for Mac Jones held onto the football for far too long. His time to throw as well above three seconds, which typically Mac has a very quick release in the first two seasons in games, a very quick release. In this game, not so much. We also learned a lot about the front 7 Joshua J, certainly a player that is just continues to be on the rise for the Patriots. But the one thing I wanted to mention, I just tweeted it out a few minutes ago that I thought was noteworthy. Whether it was by design, whether it was Bill Belichick asking Joe judge to do him a favor and throw some zero blitzes at the Patriots quarterbacks last night. The Giants actually blitzed the Patriots QBs last night against the eagles, eagles didn't blitz Mac Jones or Cam Newton a single time. Zero blitzes. Last decade blitz cam and max 7 times and there was that play on second down on cam's first drive where they got two unblocked rushers to the quarterback got right through and pressure to throw away by Cam Newton. Mac Jones got bailed out on a defensive holding call in the secondary on another zero blitz or was a jailbreak and all outputs and nobody, they weren't able to block everybody up. The Patriots was 13 days now, have a showdown in the season opener with Brian Flores in the Miami Dolphins. And we know that B flow is going to bring the house. No matter who's at quarterback for the Patriots or who's that quarterback for the opposing team in general, Brian Flores absolutely loves to blitz, right? He was. He loves me amoeba fronts. He loves all of those types of things. So getting those down and getting that communication down, hopefully the Patriots will have David Andrews back in the fold..

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