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I don't know that they're going to need two pick 6s from stetson Bennett, but they're going to need help. I mean, George is, I hate to say the trembles. They are like a supersized version of Michigan, right? They're super physical. They have a lot of guys and you can say a more NFL top level talent on defense than certainly I think Michigan does. But it's interesting because both teams excel using the tight end. They do it differently, but especially Brock Bowers. He is a big weapon, George's tight end, much different than how Michigan uses their guys, but I think that's the challenge. But again, TC was so loose and playing with the house's money. If there is a game at halftime, I'm not saying George is going to get super tight, but it's really hard to repeat. And they needed, they needed like a missed field goal, obviously, to get to this game. I think there's, to me, there is no aura of invincibility on this team. One of my friends had brought up, well, maybe this is kind of like the first Miami team coming out of nowhere to beat Nebraska. I remember that Nebraska team, Turner gill, and Mike Rozier and fry, that was like team of the ages that they were building. I don't feel like this Georgia team is quite as stacked as the one we saw last year. And I would agree with you on that. I mean, there's so many guys playing on Sundays and Mondays and Thursdays right now from Georgia team in particular. And this is a really resilient TCU team. Like if they give up a huge play, well, we just saw that. We just saw them give up a huge play right out of the gate and they didn't give up a touchdown and I just think they're going to take a lot of punches on the chin and if they lose they lose, but they are a dangerous team because they have so much belief. Like I'm not surprised the spread is double digits. I think it probably should be. You have an issue with that, right? TCU, we've seen them play what, 5, 6, 7 ranked teams this year, beat all of them, and they're 13 point dogs, really, 13. I think a lot of it has to do with just a recruiting rankings. And you just see so many 5 star guys on the field. Michigan, it was like a little bit like Michigan to Ohio State. It was like this was flipped kind of thing. This game where Michigan was the big underdog in that game, and they played with the chip on their shoulder and then TCU came in with the chip on their shoulder. I could easily talk myself into thinking TC was going to pull the big upset. I don't know, man. I saw my own two eyes and that team is physical. Whatever sunny dikes is selling, they are, they are bought and sold, man. And they're tough. They are really tough and mentally tough. And on top of it too, that fan base is loud. That building was deafening. And they're going to show up in Los Angeles. Not that George is not. But there's going to be a ton of purple and that SoFi Stadium, which is one of the loudest buildings I've ever been in anywhere, and they are this one thing hasn't happened in a long time where when it's Ohio State versus Alabama. With the exception of LSU that year, it's been a long time since somebody else was kind of a darling of college football playing in that game. It was always like, when Clemson first got there, but after a while, people got really sick of the dabo in a hurry. And it was in Georgia, Alabama, a higher state. Those programs are hard for everybody else to root for. I mean, I don't know if this doesn't really matter much either. But the idea that there's going to be so many people pulling for TCU, I don't know if it's in the building how much that will matter. It's going to be that place was half purple. It's not more. I would surprise that how much purple there was. Well, we know there's going to be a lot of people from Michigan with tickets. Well, I'm one of them. I'm going. I mean, I'm still taking my son. I always have been dropping all week because it seems like the Michigan people are on the road. I'm sure they are. I don't know. You got me on that one. So I'm saying is that I saw that TCU team and I watched the game when I got home, or at least the third and fourth quarter, except for the last kick, because we were watching the ball drop, by the way, and so that was that TCU can win this game. 13 points, really? I also think Bruce kind of interesting about this game is the quarterbacks. This isn't Jameis Winston versus Marcus Mariota. This isn't too Heisman Trophy winners. It's two guys whose stories we know. Like max duggan was a backup before this season started. It was a walk on. He's going to be in charge of your 401k and two years. That's what I'm saying. Yeah, I mean, with max duggan, there were coaches who faced him this year in the big 12 who were actually like, we want him to not get knocked out of the game because they thought Chandler Morris, the backup, was gave them more problems. In other teams lost to him, by the way. NWC. Man, I love talking to you, Bruce. Happy new year, sir. Thanks for joining. Thanks for good to see you. It's good to see you again. Lots has happened in between the two times inside each other. Check out Bruce Feldman. Fox Sports and the athletic and then of course on Twitter as well. Thanks for coming. You got it. Bruce foam in here on the Richards. It's your phone calls 8 four four two zero for rich number to dial when we come back. Hey, when was the last time you seriously considered your dream? I mean, come on, you used to think about it all the time. What happened?

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