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Help there are more than one way that they can help you and of course they also have a network of different organizations that they know of so if they can't help you the point you in the right direction so please please please. And if you're a gamer you have to join the discord. The discord will come through the screen and smack you and then drag you in there okay. It's worth it. One hundred percent Man math. I gotta tell ya amazement. Which having other podcast man. Thank you so much they. I can't wait for is event. Right digitizing ready people were raising twenty five hundred dollars. It will might happen in the first five hours. Maybe we'll see we're going to go with our goal for five hours and then everything else on. There's candy i will actually little side note. Be away some of my merchants. Well the little bit little bit enticement plebeian casement here and there. Yes lots of stuff to give away. We'll give more information out as we as we continue so everybody keep your eyes peeled onto the social. Oh where can they followed. Were project on social speaking of which yes. Yes yes so. You can find wounded warrior projects socials. All over. you know we're on instagram. Facebook twitch Twitter were with dub is all over social media channel so it just. If you're on twitter it's ad dub dub And you can check out some really cool content. They post lots of helpful for veterans. And they just. They pose a lot of really cool content. Our social team does a good job. But thank you so much for having me on this. I'm really looking forward to the next time that we get to interact. You know i'm looking forward to. Hopefully you know during the event. Maybe we can blame him. Games together You know and do something a little different. Maybe some apex legends or something like that. Yeah you can carry on. Now you'll be carrying small. Yeah i i used to. I used to play a lot of apex legends But i haven't played. But i'm just starting to get back into it and it's just it's just a fun game. It's super fun. It is a fun game. It's good that you can kinda jump back in. This is always something new to learn that game. So we'll definitely get some matches in for sure guys will offer. Listening has been matt's on less than average podcasts. You guys stay average out there and we'll see you soon. Have a good.

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