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Be a bunch of conservative. Nothing I got theresa will be the nominee because this is the woman who can win. She's proven it as mayor of Columbus. She she was republic was a Republican city. She wanted she ran it. She was reelected. She she was you know Considered one of the best governors of small city in America an incredible. Us senator sounds good to me. All right I will post this list. The the the ones that we went over today on my blog Nicole Sandler dot com slash New York that next week new. Next week we get to Kentucky and New York and Virginia and beyond that Jersey. I don't have Jersey on there. I'LL HAVE TO LOOK FOR JERSEY. New Jersey Jersey Jersey's from grape primaries coming up Jersey is July seventh. That's their new date. So every the whole calendar everything's been postponed. So I have the updated so June twenty third is Kentucky New York. Virginia June thirtieth is Oklahoma and Colorado the Senate race and July seventh is the New Jersey primary. So we'll get to it. We'll we'll get we'll get through those next week. Okay all right thank you. Howie Klein have a great week. You too okay. Bye-bye all right and with that. Well we we made it with with only a minimum of problems tomorrow governor. Don Siegelman will be here to talk about. How what he how? He would advise the Democrats to go about winning this election so I got my work. Cut Out for me tonight. I know when I'll be working on all right fixing these a gremlins. Thank you for listening everyone. Thanks for bearing with me. See You tomorrow..

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